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Kitna Badal Gaya Insaan.

Being a regular commuter for the Metro Railway, here in Kolkata, I’ve experienced so many instances of the Bengali antics, how small fights evolved, how the Bongs got irritated. Experiences were even worst when the Metro fails to function properly. But no moment as deep as it was today in the second compartment of the Tollygunj bound train.
Everything was ok. The metro ride was as usual uncomfortable, only till Chandni Chowk, where this gentleman got up from the Senior Citizen’s seat where was sitting to get down. The bong taking cue to sit gave him a grave look. He was aged. Standing there since I got up at Girish Park, sweating with a bag in his hand. He never complained of gentleman for not getting up for a aged like him to sit, but only after this gentlemen got down. He said how bad it was on his part to not get up to give him a seat. He was not angry. He was upset. Upset at the condition. The two people sitting beside him nodded for agreement. On the left was a retired teacher from my school, so I knew he was Hindu. On the right was a Muslim, as his beard highlighted so. The three then spoke nothing. Kept quite. The sadness could be seen.

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Bigg Toon is back again. Edition #6.

It’s been long since we last met with Bigg Toon. Spring passed. Summers are going to get over. Yes, the hibernation just took too much time. But woh kehte hain na, “Der Aaye Durust Aaye”. Here comes your favourite Bigg Toon. Its Biggger and Better this time!

The Toons are here to welcome you!

Aww. Look how Android is missing his dad. (Imaginative. Not Steve Jobs, silly) And why not as he is just a kid. So less age. I pity him more, for how his age moves forward. 2.1 …. 2.2 ….. 2.3. Lol, ok.

When the toons got the task to perform a dance show. Look how they faired.
Shin Chan on the beats with Nickster.

The Toons join Johnny for the Peanut Dance. Yeah! Do The Monkey. 😀

But the showstopper was the king of pop.

Here is remembering the great marking his 3rd Death Anniversary. He still lives in his songs, in the moonwalks in some lane of New York, in the mimics and of course in our hearts.

According to your votes, the following are the standings

This means Android, Zoo Zoo, Olive Oyl, Charlie Chaplin and Dee Dee have to leave the house. (Drop your miss you messages below!). As for me, I won’t miss them. Less editing on my part. Thank you viewers. 😉
Since Mr. Bean, Pikachu and Shin Chan have got the highest number of votes, they get immune from the next elimination that takes place.
Separations are always painful. Bid Adieu to the five who are leaving…

Johnny Bravo – The ultimate stud, and of course the entertainer. 🙂

Tu Gujarati Che? 

Android, the opportunist. 😛

The last farewell. Her blood group’s B+, if you know what I mean.

And the morning after.
Tin Tin trolls. < ohh! Thats a tongue twister.

Err.. whats up doc? 

Meanwhile in the bedroom, early morning…

The Revenge Saga. Tin Tin gets trolled this time! << ohh! thats not a tongue twister.

Meanwhile near the gym,


He’s not a participant. He doesn’t need to be one. Because he *is* the Bigg Toon!

Bigg Boss did not allow Pikachu to evolve to Raichu. Thus, he grew a moustache.

Yet another Revenge saga.

It’s Euro 2012 time and Jerry is out to play. 

That was it from this time’s Bigg Toon. Impressed with the comeback. 😀
Attention Viewers, Mr. Bean, Pikachu and Shin Chan are safe from Elimination and Hulk is not a participant. Please post in your votes to save 2 toons. Happy Reading! Thank you.  

The sun is on its way home.

Leaves the sky,
to meet the loam.
Look as it travels,
On its way home.

Still reaching out, its light,
Though shrunk to the size of a gnome.
A journey to follow till the last,
The sun is on its way home.

The birds too, travelling back,
So many places did they together roam.
Together to wake us up next morning,
Wings seek the nest, the sun’s coming home.

The baton’s passed onto the moon,
With the stars, it shall decorate the dome.
Another journey, Another great day that was,
The sun is back home.

All dreams shall come true. Moon doesn’t satisfy. I shall reach the sun.


As the suns slowly comes closer to the lap of the earth.


Keep living until you die out.

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