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The revival from the Oblivion | Chapter #3

The header declares “The revival”. Though, I have only given it the name, I would say, “Struggling or Fighting with the Oblivion” and you may perceive it is hanging somewhere between. My diary’s situation is exactly like the one of some elderly person who lies in front of his family, yet he is not considered. In this diary’s case, it is lying right beside my computer now. I see it everyday, every hour but it is still lying there. However I realize it’s importance as I do realize the importance of those elderly people and I do realize it from the day I read Shakespeare’s Seven Ages. The poem where he almost termed it as a routine of our lives to get forgotten even while we are living. I’ve tried composing poems sitting on my computer, the keyboard in front, what are the keystrokes to follow? But I’ve failed to compose one. But when I sit with my diary, I dont have a screen in front of me, I have a pen in my hand and I have LIFE in front of me. Poems are not lifeless, they can never be. This is one point of time where I refer to the previous post and say, “Technology has won over pen and paper” and then, conclude by saying, “Technology has actually dominated and defeated our life.” 


The revival from the Oblivion | Chapter #2

Writing in the diary, wrote it in a way as if talking to the diary and at the same time referring to it in third person. See Chapter #1
Chapter 1 makes sense, and Chapter 2 can only make sense when chapter 1 makes sense.

I really came to the realization on how ways are changing. This diary, with which I once thought of filling all the pages in mere time, the same diary got submerged in the very technological waves. And not just this, they swallowed  almost everything.  Human beings have always wanted bigger and better things. A Nokia X3 is still working, but I want a HTC and suddenly then in a few months I get attracted to iPhone. That’s the attitude. In one of my poems I questioned the humans on levels of their humanity. I am hypocritical now or should I say, I was wrong then. Today being greedy is humane and being moral is foolishness. I have to apologize today (Sept 16th) for two things. One, for completely forgetting about you, my diary and second for keeping you under the brown-covered books. Their companionship does hurt, but what to do, they are forced companions. “Har ek friend zaroori hota hain!” 
I shall inform you this, that the attachment is for the blog today and lesser for this diary. Reasons being widespread publicity and fame – simple. I want the world to recognize my talent. But the anti-climax lies in the fact that, I feel something like proud when somebody reads the diary. And sitting with whoever is reading and then turning the pages for them to introduce new write-up as pages come and go – the feeling is amazing. Relationships are always complex. The example lies in front of you – My relation with this diary. 

The revival from the Oblivion | Chapter #1

About: With this blog in place, I completely forgot the diary my best friend once. The last thing that I wrote in that diary dates back to February Ninth. This blog came to be in May and grew in popularity in August month. The reckoning came on September, the day this diary revives from the oblivion. The poem is here. 

Since months, my dear diary
You have been biting the dust
But it is the technology which is to blame
For which I developed a lust.

February Ninth to September 16
That’s a long distance, 219 days apart
Rivaled in May, Forgotten in June
Now what to do, I am also bad-
bad at the apologizing art.
The blog drove the car in July
August, I rode on its back
Till I realized one Friday
It is time to get back.

Get back to that diary
Who was my crying towel
Get back to that farmer
For planting the seeds of English Language
He who provided the shovel.

See Chapter #2 

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