When shall it be fixed?

Metro Railways has always been coming to our needs. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Metro Trains has been one of the most loyal friends to we, Kolkata people.
It has been the best of teachers. It taught us to be patient. Standing at the station, waiting may seem bitter but the sweet fruit shall soon arrive. And, there will be your destination before you gulp your fruit down.
It taught us that being slow and steady is a trend of the past. Modern times need everything Fast and Furious.
It seems now that we have lost a friend and the teacher has retired. Metro Railways cannot be trusted.

No, it is not because of Bob Biswas that he may add more bitterness while standing on the station. Bob Biswas and DK Bose have made West Bengal proud. Neither because of Milan Damji (Kahaani Hangover!). They both are a story of the past. Done and dusted and killed of course. And if it is anybody who needs to be nomoshkaared, it should be the metro officials. Oke ek minute bole, maara deva uchit. Shaala, aamader keto minute waste kore protidin. (My bengali is not too good. Studied only till 8, now in 11. Done and dusted and forgotten! 😛 )

The so called scheduled time for the train’s arrival is no scheduled time. It is just to tell you, that the train will not arrive on this time, it may arrive on any other time. If compared to honey bee hive, metro train is no less than it. The situation is exactly the same. Nowadays when I look at the train whiz past me before stopping at the station, on the inside I see a swarm of people being tortured because somebody has forced them in the deck and got them underground to run the train at speed. On the inside the scene is better. Ohh wait. It is excellent. With A/C trains now, you will enjoy the facility of train scented with sweat. With so many people, you may almost come close to taste Carbon Dioxide.

I thought the whole post out in a jolly Metro ride that stopped at times between stations for me to be more focused. The inspiration came when I couldn’t get on a 10:15 Kavi Nazrul bound train which came at Sovabazar Sutanati at 10:18 because there was no space was me to get on. I tried twice. Couldn’t get in the peripheral part. I gave up.  Huh! Was fortunate to get on the other train because had a man more desperate to board this train pushing me in! 😀

I thought for a moment, “Metro Railway has really degraded if a thin man like me cannot fit in to board the train.” This blog post is more of a question to the Metro Officials if we can expect something better. The solution does not lie in the fact that – if you have problem, stop travelling – the solution lies in the face that – we all are facing problem which shall be fixed.

When shall it be fixed? – I did not get an answer to this, and thus this blog post. I beg your pardon, Sirs and Mams and Didis.  I beg your pardon. 

Is this the direction our train is heading?

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About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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  1. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Delhi Metro soon looked more or less like the last picture of your post! The ladies compartment is still a relief at times, but having seen the general compartment and having had to travel in it a few times, I can say that this problem if not fixed soon would lead to trouble, much more than present, for all passengers.


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