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The Anna Hazare

I support Anna Hazare, but my support is limited to the television, or while discussing corruption among friends. This poem was written for Inter-House creative writing competition selection, where the topic was given.

A Gandhian cap on head
Rounded spectacles for sight
Simplicity encrypted on face
Fighting Anna Hazare
All adorn in white

With death in his mouth
Served the nation for years 14*
And still serving defying all odds
Turned 74, and still so keen

When, in the golden bird’s nest**
was laid the corruption fed eggs
To save the nest, came a messiah
We called this leader, a brother
We called him Anna

White were their collars
But pure were his thoughts
They used to elocute their leadership
When he explained, a leader means what.

 *Anna served in the Indian Army for 14 years.
**Golden Bird – India

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