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The sun is on its way home.

Leaves the sky,
to meet the loam.
Look as it travels,
On its way home.

Still reaching out, its light,
Though shrunk to the size of a gnome.
A journey to follow till the last,
The sun is on its way home.

The birds too, travelling back,
So many places did they together roam.
Together to wake us up next morning,
Wings seek the nest, the sun’s coming home.

The baton’s passed onto the moon,
With the stars, it shall decorate the dome.
Another journey, Another great day that was,
The sun is back home.

All dreams shall come true. Moon doesn’t satisfy. I shall reach the sun.


As the suns slowly comes closer to the lap of the earth.


Keep living until you die out.


Half-a-ton Party | Photography with food stuffs

Six months to get completed of this blog, tomorrow. How good it is to hear. How good it sounds. What a journey it has been. Networks, feedbacks, support, critics – I’ve had it all in these six months. But this is just the starting of an endless journey as it seems; a never-ending path lying before. What a way to acknowledge the month that gets completed – its the 50th post here. This Half-century required lots of partnerships. Right from that moment, when Bhaiya suggested to make the blog, and then the support that I got – every moment has grown in its stature like with compound interests. As I was saying about the partnerships. The partnership with you, who comes to my blog to read my blog. So to celebrate, we have a big cake ordered and many home-made stuffs. Lights, Music, Party!

i-Chetan gives you two options:
1) Kuch Meetha Ho jaaye – Go on, eat it as it gets cut. Be sure not to paste it on the author’s face.
2) Sweet and Patient – Eat it after you’ve eaten the dinner. We even have sizzler. Try this in Desserts.






We even have graten cakes, and toasts. We believe in “Atithi Devo Bhava”, its the same with all of us, Indians. Ladies and Gentlemen, eat to your heart, a little below to diaphragm, digest it in the stomach.

And how about shifting cuisines like trying Batata Puri? India ka chaat nai khaaya toh kya khaaya (If not the Indian chaat, then what?) Trust me, it tastes Awesome with sips of Strawberry Blossom! 😛

How about reading some of the previous blog posts, while munching on? • A fantasy called a superhero  • Tea-fall (Humor)   • Definition for Greed (Poem)   • Words break no bones, but do break hearts  • Which Came First?

Time for desserts, the favourite part of any meal.

So, time for Return gifts, eh? I may gift you free blog subscriptions! Thanks for joining the party. Thanks for coming. Thanks for reading! 😀

Hungry even now? May have them once again, No problem at all! 🙂

So, how was the party, and my Photography with food?

Lighting Happiness

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