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Internet – The biggest playground for children?

Abandon the playgrounds
Deny thou football
Defy thy cricket
Excuse me sir,
Your Internet.

In this blog, I’ll not say, Children are this or that, I will rather say ‘we’ because for me, I “play” more on the internet rather on the ground. By playground or playing, I don’t mean simply a game, like on Zapak or Miniclip, but a source of enjoyment. And indeed we turn to the internet always, be it entertainment or information. Shirt tucked out, bag on shoulders, a boy comes home.. flings his shoes, Facebook.
He has for listening songs, youtube for watching videos, all those online gaming sites, he is satisfied.
His saying is that playing on the ground tires him, mouse clicks dont.
Similar is the case with all the children. But a little different in my case. I would love to burn explorer, chrome or mozilla for playing. I believe, there’ll be many like me and that answers to the question I asked above in the heading. The answer’s NO.
Internet can never be the biggest playground for us. To run around, to jump around, to enjoy life.. to get out and live life is the right spirit of childhood. Saying that internet has dominated over that spirit would be wrong.

Open thy gates
To the grasses,
Fields go colourful
Children in masses

Topic by Yash Vardhan Goenka, one of my bestest buddies! 🙂


Magic and Attitude
Chetan, i-Chetan, and now.. we have +Chetan.
Yes, I am on Google Plus. A feat, I am proud to achieve.
As the picture says, I joined Google+ before it was publicly available. The tea-fall seminar which I was talking about in one of my blog posts, had the host asking this question, “Everybody is on Facebook, even Google+ is here.. who all are there?”

On Invitation

Aha! There went my hand, and like the whole spot-light was focusing on me. But that is not the magic, I am here to talk about. The magic lies in numbers, in statistics. Where Facebook and Twitter took some 800 days to reach 10 Million users, G+ takes the jet to reach there in 16 days and that too when signing up is invitation based. Awesome! Though, I find Facebook to be a little less complicated, maybe because I have been with it since 3 years now. Plus has its own grandeur. Simplicity is fashionable. Plus has adopted the simplicity. On Facebook the games were like Soap Serials. You miss two episodes, you’re gone. For example – Farmville! 😛


Here, on plus, we have Angry Birds. Killer! Lets get back – Simplicity.
An option called circle, a video-conferencing option, a space to post and share. You don’t need to ask for more. You like something, recommend it. Why make a page out of it? 😛

Exit Magic. Enter Attitude.
The second part of this blog is too small. You are fortunate, in short. Attitude is what Google Plus is showing. 10 million in 16 days, people dying to come, begging for invites.. why not make it public. “Itna Bhaav na Bazaar mein dikhana” Google plus replies, “Dikha toh raha hain. The monarchy of Facebook is ending. Here comes my democracy”
Oh! Google Plus. I am loving it. The time is here again, when we teenagers get into the loopholes of these social networking sites – ILLEGALLY! Bwaahahahhaha Muaaahahahhahahah!

The fight

 Facebook wall is melting down, melting down.. into a stream.

Join Google Plus – link to expire soon. 

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