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The Indian cricketing season.

Duncan Fletcher has hid himself under a blanket. Sachin Tendulkar has undertaken hibernation. The captain cool has caught cold. The celsius has indeed taken a toll on team India.
Death bowling is dead. Batting line up is a revised format of skittles. Fielding is a free sample of stock market – sometimes the best, other times the worst. Allow me to exaggerate, but the team is like the constitution. It needs amendments.
Dismay for previous losses. Anger for the loss to England. Rage for this loss to Pakistan.
No longer do we bleed blue, but just bleeding  over the losses that have accrued over the past few months. The balance between players getting enumerous chances and the players striving for a chance needs to be verified. We have been pushed back, and have been reduced to a defensive outlook and a crude approach.
At this circumstance, the Indian team is left with only two options; either to dare or to face the bitter truth. Somewhere I feel, captaincy may just be slipping out of Dhoni’s hands. A nightmare for Rohit Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja.

the cricketing season


It is too early to call spring up but the team does need that replenished energy and new spirit. If cold decisions are the need, then be it. It’s time we show them how hot we are. Waiting for a thunderous performance.


Shameful and Shameless. #DelhiGangRape

23 year old student who was gang raped and hit with an iron rod for resisting for nearly 45 minutes in the Delhi bus, is in a critical condition. Nation in a state of shock and anger. Protestors take to the street.

“Changing your display picture to a black dot would not make any difference.” remarked a college going student. I don’t have any arguments for it. It is a bitter truth. But I do feel shameful for the fact that we have accepted it won’t make any difference. Shameful because incidents as such are not new, but increasing since years with almost no actions against it. Shameful because it is still deemed to be the mistake of any girl because her dress code provokes aggression. Don’t tell not to dress. Tell them not to rape.

Delhi Streets; Rape: Allowed. Protests: Not Allowed.

The culprits are shameless. If not so, why will they commit such a crime knowing its consequences? These deviants are not afraid of consequence as it comes too little too late. Even after such a crime if the culprits are claiming, “Wanted to teach girl a lesson”, it is heart rendering how shameless people can be and how our society is still living on the conventions. Even crimes have started being guided by morals?

The government isn’t shameless. The government isn’t shameful. The government may be planning to set up a new committee and move on. Police reforms are lying in cold storage for years now. Police commissioners say they don’t have enough man power to deal with such incidents. The home secretary has held a self-congratulatory press conference to say that the investigation into the case has been well conducted. Dear ministers, it is the prevention we demand and not effective investigation.

1779536 Shame on you, government.

The police needs to send out  a clear message to the men of Delhi. And they can use this incident as a starting point. Do not let this dissolve into a court case that takes 10 years to deliver justice to the wronged girl. Punish them and punish them hard, so that any animal would think twice before outraging the modesty of a woman. We hope somebody is listening. Don’t get raped. 

The failure of the Anna Hazare movement has made me lose faith in any protest. Changing display pictures to black dots or forwarding appealing messages, organising candle marches or ravaging at the India gate or the Rashtrapati Bhavan won’t help. One may get justice, but there are thousands who have been or being exploited. Even blog posts as such crying over the inefficiency of the government and showing remorse for the incident won’t help. It’s a fast paced life. Reforms will take place to result in strict rules but will gradually fade out as the pressure from the media and the rage from the public fade out. Something that we see with every problem be it corruption or terrorism.
But I do believe in protests because it is our medium of saying, We Care. We do hope SHE gets justice, Women get justice. Criminal activities will soon get their payback.

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