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Choosing Sides

Life gives us opportunities. Good! Life gives us two opportunities at the same time. Trouble Calling!
The topic was suggested by Swapnil, my schoolmate – Choosing Sides, the toughest thing to do.
Life is like a maze –

A variety of options, three ways to go, but only one way leads to the goal, other two may go far, but the goal is still distant. And why I say life is a maze, is that, once you select which way to go, its not the end of it, you have dilemmas coming.

Which way shall I opt for,
In front of me lay options enough,
The problem is to choose one only
Enter Dilemma, and the going gets tough

I enter the shopping mall,
5 companies selling Tomato Ketchup
One may make my Maggi taste better
The others may taste a syrup

I get admitted to class 11
Three streams to choose from
All the three have well in front
Which one apt for my brain’s ROM*

My science Olympiad is here,
The very first question stands erect
The little brainstorming, a little guesswork
4 choices, and only one is correct.

I want to get rid of these dilemmas
Choosing sides, is really tough
Standing between the two choices,
Held by the scruff.


Who let the dogs out?

Kept asking this question since years,
And yet no answer.
Regarding this, a whole lot of doubt,
Who could have done this?
Who let the dogs out?

If I ever meet the culprit,
I would smack that lout.
Or hand him to the police,
The culprit who had let the dogs out!

“They bit us here and there”
The rabies patients shout,
He is going to get killed
The one who let the dogs out.

He’ll not be hanged,
He’ll be left for the rout
Who will beat him to death
Why did he let the dogs out?

They chase us, bark at us
And we can’t do anything.
Because we fear their snout
Fearing since the incident
when the dogs were let out.

Curse that person every moment
as the dogs wag their tail about
Can any of the 7 billion please tell,
O! Tell me who let the dogs out?

Topic given by The Sorcerer  

Don Vs

Yesterday, i.e on 11.11.11,’s security guard had taken a leave for a day. The media reporters posted at Mannat said that, had tried to stop him but the security guard continuously pleaded. He was heard saying that it was a special date which comes only once in a century and that he did not even leave him on Chhatt Puja. To this allowed Salman Aamir (The name of his security guard) to leave. The news had spread like a wildfire. Obviously it had to, the Media was standing there. Salman saw the coverage to which he commented, “Such a fool is this, even 12.11.11 comes once in a century”
Don also saw the coverage. He thought of taking advantage of this and assassinate who spoiled his image. was on guard, Don was approaching. Here is what followed:

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