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Words break no bones, but they do break hearts.

It is often so, that we opt not to choose violence, to choose words, to make full use of the Fundamental Right which states, “Freedom of Speech and Expression”
And believe me, the weapon you choose, the weapon – Words, does the job better than violence.
It’s true they don’t break bones, but the stain is deep. From a single scratch to the shattering of the heart in pieces… it depends on how fierce the words are.
It was only one month ago, when my friend said, or rather shouted at me, “Get lost” after an angry note. I was left heart broken. Just that he called me up after 1 hour to save my arteries and valves at the last moment. When a 20-year old person, shouts at his mother that he does not need her any longer, she is left heartbroken… that miniature God, mother, is left heartbroken. And its only words with which you hurt your parents, its only words with which a few of them, escort their parents to the old-age home, sad. When your boss, your cruel boss terms you as useless, you are heartbroken. But this human organ is tough. It bandages itself, heals itself, and springs up with a new hope which makes you stand again. It makes that employee stand who goes there again, and says “Keep your cruelty to yourself, I resign”… Even the boss’s heart is left shattered.
I never knew before this speech contest that words may hurt a person so much. But, here comes the reckoning. Our heart is not a flower pot, which if kicked gets rolling down and breaks. As I said, it is tough… made to bear the hardships of life. Neither words are horses, which always need to out of their stables. I would like to conclude here, with reference to Boyzone that if Words can take hearts away, it may even break some. As you never dare to break your girl-friend’s heart, try not to break some others.

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