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Classroom. Chapter #5

15th January 2014: A Winter Morning.

Normal school is over and so are the selections exams. A day in January, so rare, where I did not need to wake up at 6. A winter morning, where I wasn’t struggling to get out of my blanket, or trembled with cold while dressing up. 12 years of winter mornings behind me where each day mummy has given all her efforts in waking me up and I? “Mummy paanch minute aur sone do!” Then eventually leaving home, and checking how much of smoke is being let out from my mouth that day. All of us at Birla High School would know how much cold do girls feel in their skirts, given that we have had half pants for 5 years in the junior school. Then their were the sweaters. ❤ The full sweaters which we wore less, and tied to our waists, more. That was the most awesome thing which ever happened in my school life in winters. The dance classes we needed to attend, bare footed, and all the shrill voices claim, “Zameen kitna thanda hai na?” For once in our junior school days, we would not be too excited for the Air conditioned Computer Labs, given the Celsius dip. Nothing can make a school day better, than no studies taking place at school. Winters meant sports practices.
Middle school set in motion. Mummy’s difficulties in waking up aggravated. Full sweaters were no longer a part of the uniform. There was just the excitement of being in that part of the school, which has always been there since five years now, but never explored. We never realized that we will be missing Junior school only until studies became bullish in class 7 with a dip in our marks. Ties around our neck and small shoulders carrying the oversized blazers, and teachers telling us that blazers are not to worn around the waists.
Class 9 & 10. Senior school. Blazers became our love and so became the pockets in them for they were now home to chits and mobile phones. Photos in blazers had to be clicked. Bless the tailors who sewed five pockets on the blazer, including two on the inside. Winters escaped studies even more. There were march past practices. Sports teachers always had the funny air around them; in their way of speaking, pronunciation or their behavior.

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This was the time, we first realized our love for winters.

Class 11. Go slow, winters. That awesome feeling in the November month that you will soon be wearing blazers. And there was Fare thee Well 2013. Annual exams weren’t too far but our escapist journey continued, this time with the Farewell programme we were organising. Not much of a difference it was; first, we escaped studies, then the studies escaped us. The best winters of my school life. We sat in the classroom only to give attendance for the day. The dance practices, paper work, master of ceremonies practices, making new friends… like life had just begun. A group of students will have to mean some fights. Big and small grudges set in. They say, fun cannot be permanent. They were true. Our fun stopped at the sight and voice of one person, our dear co-ordinator. Winter did not play much of its part, maybe, but there was something about this season that the good things landed up right here.

Class 12. :’) Blazers were soon to be non-existent. Mummy’s struggles were coming to an end. School lessons can no longer be escaped from. School got over. I hid myself in a blanket. 😦

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