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Time Bug of Sleeping

The moment I wake up and see my watch, I realize it is already time for afternoon. And after sleeping so much, the greed for sleep can still be seen in my retina. I tussle with the pillow and bed cover and then wake up eventually. Wake up only to catch the bed in the next room. But slowly when the washroom formalities are over, I interact with the first person for the day. Whoever it may be I join him or her at the dining table. We both eat food. We both talk. The only difference being the food. They eat their lunch, I eat my breakfast. The trend follows. At tea time, I hardly bother to eat my lunch. Its not that I dont eat then. I am made to be bothered by my dear mother. And when everybody is preparing to go to bed, with mouth-freshners filled in their mouths; I sit with the idiot box and consume my dinner.
Actually the above context was not to bore you. I had, maybe a silly one, but, a message. When the first step goes wrong, all the latter activities to follow work with glitches. Like in a shirt, when the first button is inserted in the wrong hole, the whole setup goes wrong.
Let me bore you a little more. At the last, I get left out. What does this mean? It means time waits for none and same is the case with the world and its people. Its rotating every second. Go slow, and the next time you will find yourself in the bin. What about the feeling? Its like even the banana peel is more respectful than you.
Coming back to my sleepy world, I feel May is the limit for lazy people. One does not get a better chance to be “bed-sick”.
Get back to your work. The boring Chapter of Sleep is over.

“Yawn 10 times, sleep 12 hrs and only get up to pee!”


Which came first?

You type “does” in google, and the first suggestion it will show will be “does got exist” Why not? After all its the most pondered and debated topic of all. I would say its perennial, its eternal. No matter how efficiently science disagrees god, and how logically one proves its existence, “DOES GOD EXIST?” will always remain the toughest questions to ask.

There is one more perennial debate about which I am here to talk. The debate which for once twisted every grey matter that came in its way. “Which came first: The egg or the chicken?”
The answer to this question died with our non-veg ancestors. The reason as to why I am saying this; they only knew what they ate first: the omelette or the chicken biryani? And since the answer died, it gave birth to a new debate or as I said a eternal debate.

Egg that can’t come without the chicken, and the chicken which can’t come without the egg. This question truely shakened the pillars of grey matter. It shakened it so well that now it has owned its own trending topic in Wikipedia. With the word Wikipedia I remember.. why doesn’t Wikileaks tell which came first. Its telling everything, then why not this? Although Wikipedia says, “It’s obvious that the egg came first because everybody knows that chickens evolved from reptiles and reptiles lay eggs.” but I am not convinced. The reason being if that was the case, then why don’t we see crocodiles giving birth to baby chickens now? Snakes eat chicken’s egg, dont they? (I am not sure about this, but yes I feel they eat!)

Was it the chicken? Did the creator create things in alphabetical order? Or the other way round if in the big bang a shell came with its modifications after touring the Sun from a distance of 5 cm, and then landed on the Earth as egg?
I feel it was the egg. While the god was dropping the pre-human monkeys from the top, he dropped two eggs with it. From one came the rooster, and from the other the hen. (Initially chickens!)

With this I conclude with my views on the other debate with which I started this post.
There has to be someone who created the planets, the atmosphere, the water and the trees. There has to be someone who created the dinasaurs and then the mammals and the egg-laying creatures. If anyone has to believe, he will. But I am convinced the creator was ‘Our God’
We owe to him whatever we are today, and whatever which is around us today. He also gifted me with such a caring and loving family and parents in which there is my sweet mother. Happy Mother’s Day to her!

A sarcastic angle to Photography.

There was a time when Photos were clicked for memories. But now, they dont carry the same essence.

Its important nowadays, for a person, to look “Awesome” in each of his photos. There are no two ways about it.

Either you look good, or the snap has to be taken again. Yes, there is one more way, throw it into the Recycle Bin of the Camera.

Its shocking, but with Technology one’s behaviour also takes a different path. Our behaviour towards Photography would not have changed if digital cameras were not introduced. If this has to be presented in a different manner, the essence of Photography died with the fading away of Reel-fed cameras.

Digital Cameras do serve the same purpose. But, i find the same emotions lacking. The evidence is in front of us. The albums are always more favourable to our vision and hormones, rather than a computer folder full of photos. Alas! To achieve something, we need to lose something. In this case, our pleasure is at the stake for our comfort.

Similarly, a hand-written letter is way better than an E-Mail. I dont have a evidence for it. But you may get the evidence by carrying out a scientific study in the villages, by introducing E-Mail facility there.

Then photos used to be available only in Black and White. Now they are made Black and White. Its an irony, that I fancying my digital camera so much, am arguing for reel-fed ones. But, I have a reason to argue. As I said, the essence. Half of the Photos today dont feature People, but objects. And sadly, [or happily, i dont know] I am a prey to this new methadology in photography. Really, one cannot say Photography was better then or is it better today. From the Internet, and People:

I love photos, because photos never change, but people in them do.

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