Kitna Badal Gaya Insaan.

Being a regular commuter for the Metro Railway, here in Kolkata, I’ve experienced so many instances of the Bengali antics, how small fights evolved, how the Bongs got irritated. Experiences were even worst when the Metro fails to function properly. But no moment as deep as it was today in the second compartment of the Tollygunj bound train.
Everything was ok. The metro ride was as usual uncomfortable, only till Chandni Chowk, where this gentleman got up from the Senior Citizen’s seat where was sitting to get down. The bong taking cue to sit gave him a grave look. He was aged. Standing there since I got up at Girish Park, sweating with a bag in his hand. He never complained of gentleman for not getting up for a aged like him to sit, but only after this gentlemen got down. He said how bad it was on his part to not get up to give him a seat. He was not angry. He was upset. Upset at the condition. The two people sitting beside him nodded for agreement. On the left was a retired teacher from my school, so I knew he was Hindu. On the right was a Muslim, as his beard highlighted so. The three then spoke nothing. Kept quite. The sadness could be seen.

That was enough for me to come here and share the experience with you. I would like to state a song sung by poet Pradeep.

“Dekh tere sansar ki halat kya hogai bhagwan

Kitna badal gaya insan kitna badal gaya insan

Suraj na badla chand na badla na badla re aasman

Kitna badal gaya insan kitna badal gaya insan

Ram ke bhakt rahim ke bande….rach te aaj phareb ke phande

Kitne ye makar ye andhe dekh liye inke bhi dhanhe

Inhi ki kali kartuto se huva yeh mulk masan

Kitna badal gaya insan kitna badal gaya insan

Chhale or kapat ke hato aapna bech raha iman

Kitna badal gaya insan kitna badal gaya insan”

That gentleman showed how today’s generation lacks the basis on which India has preached its teachings. We’ve forgotten how to respect, forgotten what elders are. Least saying, we don’t even know our civic sense or civic responsibilities. A Hindu, a Muslim, a Bong not only shared the same seat but also the same feeling. They all were sad yet did not speak a word. At one end, humanity saw no presence, at the other humanity got an example.
No religion preaches war. We pit communities against each other without reason. We’ve started fighting for peace now. Religion has been made the blade of the swords for the evil from the pure dress it was that people used to adore. That is how sad it can get. 

About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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