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Annu Kapoor and Straiiise.

In the pages of history, would be written how inspirational Annu Kapoor was.
Baba Ranchhordas once said, “Kamyaabi ke peeche mat bhaago, Kaabil bano… Kamyaabi jhak maar ke tumhare peeche aayegi” For a moment, it mesmerized every one. But this magic was short-lived. There came, Baba Dr. Chaddha with one of the greatest inspirational speeches of all time.
He said, “Vadiya Vadiya khaa, te vadiya vadiya pehn, Straaaiiiiiiseee naa le”
In which field, not the people face stress nowadays.
From the most serious stresses of all time in the exam hall or in the business enterprise. Goes on till the not required stress that our mothers take when we are late to reach home by even  five minutes. Even infants are stressed as to whether somebody is going to change their diapers or not. The not so stressed people also get stressed when they see other people getting stressed and not themselves. The whole process is too complicated. It may stress you. But whoever so gets stressed today, gets de-straaaiiiiiised with just one “seekh” inherited from Annu Kapoor aka Baba Dr. Chadha.
No toast, but a post in the name of this great personality.
He has not only been an inspiration, but an avid contributor to the science field where he gifted it the concept that each achievement that a male is his “spaarm da kamaal”.  This “Spaarm da Kamaal” can be explained by twitching the index and the middle finger alternatively, and moving it away from your body.
Even Dr. Chaddha was playing google doodles during Olympics. So it was after Olympics, that we met with him.
The first segment was about what Dr. Chaddha observed during olympics. This is where, he gave us a diagramatic representation of his observation.


After which, his message for school going students like us was,

Cheers to this changemaker, inspiring the young minds of our country. Hope his principles work in my upcoming half yearly examinations. The Straiiiissee-buster Annu Kapoor.

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