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How Mr.Bean Got Animated [Rajinikanth Birthday Special]

My Facebook showed it is the Birthday of 100 people today. I opened it to see it is Rajinikanth’s.
So, they say it’s Rajinikanth’s birthday?
I thought he was born on 30th February.
Rumours, Duh!

Happy Birthday Rajinikanth. 😀

How Mr. Bean Got Animated (5 Easy Steps) 

On this occasion of Rajinikanth’s Birthday, I would like to grace this website and this blog post with Jokes Truths on Rajinikanth. 

1. Galileo used lamp to study, Graham Bell used candle, Shakspeare used street light,

but poor RAJNIKANTH……




2.Rajnikanth once wrote his autobiography…

Today that book is known as Guiness Book of World records..

3. 1+0=1





 This was the question once asked to RAJNIKANT and he said,

 “I dont know!”

 Thats why it’s declared as

 “Not Defined”..!

4. Once Jordan was spinning a basketball on his fingers and asks Rajnikanth “Can you do it?”,

Rajnikanth replies “ena da rascala dont u know how d earth rotates!” ?

5.  Rajinikanth doesn’t need a visa to travel abroad, he just jumps from the tallest building in Chennai and holds himself in the air while the earth rotates.

6. Khofnak andheri raat mein 12 baje ek bhoot dusre bhoot ko samjha raha tha,”Ghabra mat. Ye sab tere dimag ka vahem hai, koi Rajinikant – vajinikant nai hota.”

7. Rajinikanth can even understand women. 

 8. Rajinikanth’s Next film is called Twitter


He plays 140 characters in it. 

9. Rajinikanth doesnt breathe..

The Air hides itself in his lungs to gain protection. 

 And the Last, but the BEST!

 10. When Rajnikanth dies. ( Syntax Error, Still we continue.. )

his tombstone will not read RIP (rest in peace).

It will read BRB (Be Right Back) .


Bigg Boss | Week #3

Ok now to all my readers and followers of Bigg Toon… I know I am late to bring you Week #3, Sorry! 😦
You know na how week days pass for a 15 year old school going child?
 And over that it was the Annual Sports Meet at Birla High School on Saturday. I was the commander for Gandhi House’s March Past Parade. ( 😀 )
We lost the march past by a point. ( 😦 ) Games and Sports bring happiness. The results are partial. Somebody has to lose. Similar is the case with your dear cartoons at Bigg Toon House. Somebody has to leave. It may be a relief, other times it may be pain. Separations are Painful. But that’s how life goes on. You just need to close your eyes and remember what the narrator of the Fastrack ad says – Move on! Move on! Move on! 😉 

So putting a pause to all the Gyaan n’ Nonsense, we come to the topic. The Toon who leaves us today… is none other than, Any Guesses? (Wait a moment! Thats the pick up line for results for winners, Line Change-u Mama) The toon who leaves us today is, the adorable yet aggressive princess – Buttercup.


Outside the house, we talk to Buttercup about how she feels to leave the house.

Us: How does it feel to get separated from the Gossip Girls?

Buttercup: Ohh! It’s just a matter of luck and I do have two gossip girls waiting for me outside. 😀 But I am going to get home, and check out who voted for the other nominees and just pray they get saved from my punch.

Us: Err.. -_- Alright.

Now This is what Happened in Week #3. Enzoy! 😀  

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