The breakthrough

And suddenly my brother says, “The things you write on Facebook and your diary, why don’t you start your own blog?”
Me says, “How?”
“See, and make your own blog there” he replied. And 50 minutes there since, [i-Chetan| Where thoughts are manufactured] was born. The excitement was drilling right there in the smallest nerve of my body. Although, not a big deal but still the excitement was up there; double my hieght. (5’3 now, that is 10 foot 6 inches approx) 

May 7, 2011 2350 Hrs: Just another ordinary day, and just another silent night. Just the sound of fan’s hands moving, and maybe the sound of facebook-new-chat-message. And at the stroke of its midnight hour (+40 minutes) the world awoke to the birthday of this blog website.
What I said maybe went unheard. What I write may go unread, but the pleasure which writing gives to me, may not go unfelt.

The first iChetan logo. Click to view the logo through the years!


  1. Nyc…! KEEP IT UP.!


    • Some articles are really well written. You may call me a stalker, but I appreciate your thought process and its compilation! Keep it up!


  2. Nice One ……….. CK!!


  3. keep writing little writer


  4. That’s the spirit……. love the fact that this blog exists for your love of writing. hats off to your bro for the idea. 🙂


  5. Akhsit Akhauri

    writing what had been happening seems a very good idea to me……..keep it up


  6. really nice keep write and i like ur thoughts


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