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I will win. Not immediately, but definitely.

It needs to be dark, for the stars to shine.
Only in the cold harsh weather,
grow the tall evergreen pine.

Need to swim through the floods,
before I resume walking on lush green fields.
Need to wade through violent waves,
to have dew drops, later, under my feet.

In the quicksand, like life is stuck.
Hours are dull, Days so muck.
Life is tough, and tough is luck.

I shall brave the dark, the cold weather,
the floods, and the violent waves.
Never stop. Keep going,
to meet the light at the end of the cave.


A Childhood Lost.

Did it fly away with the paper planes we flew?
Or did it vanish with the winds that blew?

Or flown away with the paper boats we made?
Never found, once it hid itself, while the games we played.
Maybe the much of running, had it jade.

Did I forget them in the park nearby?
Or did I fell them with tears in my cry?
Possibly somewhere it faded in the limitless sky.

Lost like that wrapper of the candy.
Washed like those castles, sandy.

Childhood, its presence was in the poems I did recite.
Battles with the soft-toys, unconquered my might.
It was an epic tale of an ever-soaring kite
Wish I had held my childhood tight…
Wish I had held my childhood tight.
















And this following poem is my second most favorite on childhood… 😀

When did my childhood go?
Was it the day I ceased to be eleven,
Was it the time I realised that Hell and Heaven,
Could not be found in Geography,
And therefore could not be,
Was that the day!

When did my childhood go?
Was it the time I realised that adults were not
all they seemed to be,
They talked of love and preached of love,
But did not act so lovingly,
Was that the day!

When did my childhood go?
Was it when I found my mind was really mine,
To use whichever way I choose,
Producing thoughts that were not those of other people,
But my own, and my alone,
Was that the day!

Where did my childhood go?
It went to some forgotten place,
That’s hidden in an infant’s face,
That’s all I know.

-Markus Natten

Bigg Toon for a reason. Edition #7

Welcome back to another edition of Bigg Toon. From the votes that you all have given, there remain only 7 people in the house now. While the game rises to another level, it isn’t just entertainment. Bigg Toon, this time, comes to you for a reason.
As you may be knowing, Aseem Trivedi, a cartoonist, was held on charges of sedition and treason for posting cartoons that “were an insult to the national spirit” where they were clearly intended to highlight the current sorry situation in the country. Rampant corruption, price hikes, scams… all are being neglected. But as soon as a criticism is made, it is an insult. It is ironic it happens in the world’s largest democracy.

So getting on with Bigg Toon, here is the votes tally.

So, now remain 7 toons – Mr. Bean, Shin Chan, Pikachu, Nickster, Bravo, Jerry and Doraemon who fight for the quest for becoming the best toon.

Here is how the story after the votes, unfolded… Action!

What you call an ‘angry bird’ after it gets voted out?

You cannot separate India and Cricket. Just cannot!

Bugs Bunny, Devdas Edition.

Kapil Sibal’s affinity towards cartoons is a special one. He seem to get attracted towards them, but only to hate them, ban them! Not his fault. They never had cartoon network then. Or maybe, he seems to be developing an inferiority complex with the cartoons. Enter, Sibal.

Enter, Prime Minister.

Quite a sorry entry. Still Mission IstaanbulMission ImpossibleMission KashmirMission Cartoon Ban!

The chase… Manmohan Singh ji at the task of tom!

And, jerry doesn’t miss tom now. Manmohan Singh vs Nickster.

If Manmohan can do, why not Kapil? The chase saga, part II.

Johnny Bravo, the swiss knife!

Manmohan Singh has been successful at maintaining foreign relations especially with Switzerland. He has much respect for the country. Period. 😐

Aha! Ethics of our Prime Minister!

The rodents share a good laugh!

Manmohan Singh and Kapil Sibal had to leave as they had a scheduled price hike to follow up. Now when Diesel Prices have been raised, time is for the Congress to sit back and enjoy the weekend. The two days will see some protests. Monday, the price shall be cut by a rupee or so. Hence public fooled.


So many issues, that I seem to get diverted from one. About cartoons, we are soon heading towards a law, solely against them. If the same happened to cartoons before, RK Laxman would have had a home in the jail alongside his common man. We stand for Aseem Trivedi. The Bigg Toons stand for Aseem Trivedi. Salute!

No cartoon shall make exist the next edition. Together we stand, Divided we fall.
Although, Vote for 2 toons, to give them immunity from the next week’s voting. Thank you! 🙂 

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