Monthly Archives: January 2013

Academic Capture

Proudly declare, I completed a chapter,
Trying hard to escape this academic capture.
Tired is my body, restless is my mind,
Away from books & copies, shelter does it find.

For chapters may come and chapters may go,
but this syllabus goes on forever.
With each coming day, this monster coming close,
Dreadful and shaking, its each felt tremor.

The wall of commerce stands tall.
In the trap of Maths, one may fall.
Deep is the well of accounts.
Difficult, the climb on the B.St Mount.

Sadly do I reveal,
about the enumerous chapters still left.
She stole my concentration,
blame her for the theft.
She refers to the distracting things,
Committed for the crime.
With the knife of her attraction,
killing my time.

exams approaching

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