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Don Vs

Yesterday, i.e on 11.11.11,’s security guard had taken a leave for a day. The media reporters posted at Mannat said that, had tried to stop him but the security guard continuously pleaded. He was heard saying that it was a special date which comes only once in a century and that he did not even leave him on Chhatt Puja. To this allowed Salman Aamir (The name of his security guard) to leave. The news had spread like a wildfire. Obviously it had to, the Media was standing there. Salman saw the coverage to which he commented, “Such a fool is this, even 12.11.11 comes once in a century”
Don also saw the coverage. He thought of taking advantage of this and assassinate who spoiled his image. was on guard, Don was approaching. Here is what followed:

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His name is Khan

Cinema in India is like brushing your teeth in the morning. You can’t escape it. 
Shahrukh’s the Colgate in that case, may he be Pappu’s papa who uses Pepsodent and every morning has problem to force his son, Pappu, to do that. It’s just like the case where I like Hrithik the most, but say Shahrukh as the best because he is so. So, doing away with all the confusion – Colgate is the best, and so is Shah Rukh Khan.
The Raj who has embedded his picture in every girl’s heart, and the heart beat, beats for that epic tune on Mandolin. The Rahul that everyone wishes will come from behind and say, “Squeese Me”  with a friendship band. The Shah Rukh Khan who can do Raj and Rahul 85 times, and still do it differently on the 86th time.
To be honest, I am not getting words to describe him and he and his contribution to the Bollywood cinema can’t fit here, but somehow I want to give him this tribute.  He did it all in that dark room, among a crowd of hundreds in sets of three hours. He made us cry with his Aman Mathur (Kal Ho Naa Ho), he made us go lot-pot with the undercover agent Baadshah, he made us sing with tunes that he played once again on that ‘Mandolin-like Violin’ that announced the autumn season (Mohabattein), he made us patriotic too with Ajay Bakshi and Coach Kabir (Guess the movies!), he did it all. He’s the king, and no Prem or Perfectionist can defy that. 
Happy Birthday, Shahrukh.

>> The first line was a Shahrukh’s quote itself.
>> It’s birthday time, so tried to be colorful! 🙂

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