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What Kolkata eats?

RoshogullaKolkatans say, the foodie way. 🙂 

“Daaber Jol is the secret of my energy”

“Widening my mouth to gulp down a puchka or a roshogulla at one go,
is one of the toughest challenges of life I have come across.”

“Mishti Doi is the reason why people find me sweet.”

Muri Momo Maach


It’s hot.

March 15. It’s Alia Bhatt’s birthday.
Now, this signifies the onset of summers. It’s hot.
Summers. Though, one doesn’t have enough reasons to favour this season, I have come up with a few.

1> Mangoes.
Yes, i do not believe in the theory of harr-mausam-aam. The fun of digging into the mango seed  guthli, not leaving even a single fiber to be chewed, sucking all the flavours that it offers – heavenly. Over and above comes the Aam-rass, a drink which just cannot be beaten. (Okay, I am still not 18. It maybe beaten then)
So, summer is the time when I go bananas over Mangoes.

2> Katrina Kaif.
Mango isn’t available all through the year. But Katrina Kaif can be seen all through it. Then why is she so special summers?
The feel of summers only and only sets in when Katrina Kaif adores the farms with a bottle of slice in her hands. There she runs in the farms, and there starts running the heart beats. There she trenches her thirst, and we? Jaws hanging out, all the Saliva like gone! Water, please. Rasiyaaaaaa… aaja!

3> The Indian Premier League
Sometimes, it feels cricket is more prevalent in summers than the sun itself with the ongoing IPL then. It’s just all cricket.
Summers and the Indian Premier League are just made for each other. Both are about heat and intensity. Both sweat out the people. Both are the hottest things!

Had I not mentioned the word ‘hottest’, i may have went on talking about IPL. The fact that I have said Hottest, I had to revert back and come to Alia Bhatt. Researches have proved that Global Warming has increased since the release of Student of the Year. I come to believe it now. March 15th is the second hottest day in any year. There is no denial. The hottest day? 15th May, Baby.

4> Birthday Boy. 😉 
Summers are full of birthdays, but the showdown starts at the stroke of the midnight hour on the 14th. Blame me for being self-obsessed but I found being such better than being modest.

Watch for temperatures to rise. The Hotter, the better.

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