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Esheche Poriborton, Jeetegaichi Kolkata!

Mamata or no Mamata, the kind of “poriborton” Kolkata Knight Riders have shown over the past two years has been incredible. This year was a class apart. New Dawn, New Knights, New beginning was what the official site flashed for the new season. And truly so, “aami Kolkata te oie Notun Josh ta dekhte paari” (The new spirit could be seen in kolkata) as some Bengalis would say.

Shah Rukh Khan told us to believe. 
A win looked impossible when CSK scored 190, and appeared even more distant when Gautam Gambhir went with only 3 on the board, and it seemed all over when Jacques Kallis walked back with 16 needed off 7.
Never wanting to sound  like Manchester United, yet we believed. The story was yet to unfold. A no-ball that followed. MS Dhoni now realizes no balls don’t mean no pepsi, but they mean no cup.

Gautum Gambhir asked us keep faith. 
Who can be asked better for ‘this’ other than Kolkata, who for all these five seasons kept their hopes intact. We were patient. We lost the first season. Felt ashamed in the second. Suffered in the third. Came closer in the fourth. To win in the fifth.  On KKR, the city had pinned its hopes of redemption every year. And the prayers of millions were eventually answered.

Better late than never. Just a case that ‘Men in Yellow’ can’t do cup hatricks always. Aar Korbo na. Aar Lorbo na. Jeetaigechi re. 

Summers was all about cricket. The blog does reflect the hangover. Too much. IPL khatam. Paisa hajam. Poriborton needed in ideas. Need to start thinking hatke from cricket. Till then, keep reading. Thank you! 🙂


Priorities in Cricket.

Wright was amazing. Chappel was the worst. Kirsten was the best. What about Duncan Fletcher?

I wish India could’ve waited for Sachin Tendulkar to retire and probably we would have had him as our coach for the next T20 world cup.

Its an irony how priorities change. You play for your country 15 years, and then you find yourself coaching the opposite side. By this statement, we can conclude that the most loyal cricketers in the world are the Indians. If we don’t coach India we wont coach any other country as well. I term it as loyalty, but it may be something else. Because in our country once you retire you’ve got hundreds of things to do other than coaching. Media which is a train with its biggest platform being India. And all a player needs to do is get into a boggie.

Fletcher fears media, and its relations with it have not gone good also. As Michael Vaughan says that he will do well, but have problems in tackling the Indian media.

Its not that priorities dont change when you are playing for your national side. Lasith Malinga first announcing himself to be unfit for test series, and then retiring from test cricket just to play IPL. Chris Gayle and Jerome Taylor playing in India where there national team is struggling somewhere with Pakistan.

And talking about IPL and priorities, IPL twists the whole of it. Gautam Gambhir playing for Kolkata, and captaining it. A proposition in the north to a leader in the east. The driver seems to be the money. Yes it is money. Na desh bada na Rajya, sabse bada rupaya.

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