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The IDIOTs and the FALTUs

Attention! Disclaimer: With idiots and Faltus, I am not talking about Kapil Sibal. 

There have been two movies on Indian education now which I loved watching. One is 3 idiots, and one is F.A.L.T.U.
When I recall this fact, I find a very strange thing in the movie title.

It does seem strange one moment, but the next moment you realize its not. That is how our society thinks. According to our society the students walking on the un-trodden path are “idiots” and are “Faltu”

Times have changed. New opportunities have come up. But still our thinking is conventional, our thinking is autocratic. You never let these idiots and faltus be genius and succumb them to the pressure, squeeze all the passion out of them.
At this point of time, i also get a hint that if the society is jealous of the people who have achieved. For these people only have the ability to stand out as winners. The morals of society is to teach to be unique. We all want to be the same. But somebody tries to be, you put barricades. Consider modifying the quote by Shiv Khera  to “Winner don’t do different things, they *struggle* to do things differently”

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And I–
I took the one less traveled by,
and that has made all the difference.  

and thus, the road not allowed to be taken. 

I want to be an idiot, want to be a faltu. In simple sense, I want to make my living worth. 

Dance from the movie F.A.L.T.U. 😉


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Tale of Three Cities

Attention! Attention! CBSE has called a war. The war starts 14th March, but the practice battles have started. And thus, this soldier may be out of service for days. Hope to take time out, come here and entertain you. Bigg Toon is also, currently at halt.

Kolkata: Mohanlal was the 242nd patient in Kolkata who was admitted with the problem of popping eye balls. Similar case has been seen in many cities. Mumbai alone has 721 still going through treatment. Patients say, their eye balls had got vulnerable over 2010 and 11, because of some ladies named Munni, Sheila, Shalu, Jalebi Bai and.. Chammak Challo, but this December the position got worse. Doctors report that the people should not have risked with seeing Chikni Chameli, and he believed that even normal eye may pop out with such a thing as this.

The above photo is of Santim bhaiya, my senior in school who survived the pop-out attack.

Delhi: Ashish is one of those 100 odd patients in the city who say that all day, their ears ring to the tune of Kolaveri Di. Doctors say this happens something falls into your ear, repeatedly every day. Doctors assure that he’ll be fine now. They have these cases almost everyday now. Last month, a person was admitted with the disease of seeing everywhere. His neighbors doubted if this was another kind of promotion for the film.

Mumbai: The Mumbai Ladies’ Circle is to protest against Ash King, the singer of Aunty ji and also Imran Khan to insult aunties so ruthlessly. They also went to an extent of stating that, “Modern Day actresses don’t have any self-respect” while another lady in the backdrop exclaimed, “Naam bhi toh dekho kaisa.. Kareenaaa.. Bebooo.. Huh!” A well placed source has confirmed that Imran Khan is to take advice from Salman Khan and brothers on how they survived the Emami/Jhandu Baam controversy. Shah Rukh Khan got angry at this, saying that he also had survived many controversies and he is open for any advice.


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