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An event so important and tea falls on your shirt.

The important event which was long awaited is here. And after what happened in the first half, the event just grew in importance and so have you.
What happened actually: There was this interactive talk session at the American Center on Friday, 15 July. In the first half, I have been quite active for the interactions and voiced myself with freedom. After 2 hours of discussion on how Social Media has influenced nations across the world, a tea break stepped in. Biscuits, bread and tea. I never liked the tea. I like sugar in anything I drink. The vapors went up, and the sips went in. I was peacefully having it.
Dis- Balance: Paper cups twist and fold. The index finger and the thumb, with some assistance of the middle finger were holding to this paper cup. I exactly don’t know what stimulated this accident, but something happened when my little finger came in contact with the cup, it twisted towards me, and “tea-fall”. A tea fall, and it was all yellow. Rather ocher yellow.
Victims: A red folder, my notes copy, friend’s diary, my pant, tie, and shirt. The shirt was appearing to be a perfect example of shirt paintings. The tie showed some black meandering designs on the grey background. The same happened with the pant (Good, that nobody misunderstood it).
Logical approach to the situation: The situation cannot be worse than this. Generally, these drinks-falling-on-shirts occasions do take place in weddings but there you have somebody to blame. There you have somebody, who you can curse when the stain doesn’t go, somebody who you can shower your wisdom on, to walk properly, when the stain eventually goes.
But, here I did a suicidal.
Tackle-ism:  Post 3 minutes, after all the “shit yaar” type of phrases are done: Stick to the basic. Get up. Enter the toilet. Water, tissue paper, napkin… try everything. Tea stains are really “ziddi!” After 5-6 minutes, though all of the stain has not gone, you feel you should leave. Otherwise the person you asked the directions of loo will suffer illusions. Ok, so… last look on how you are looking. Certainly the appearance has gone down.
The next happening: You seat yourself again, regretting that you continued drinking that tea that you never liked.  I learn today, “If you don’t like your tea, send it back… or else it will give you reasons to unlike it further” 

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