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First Love makes its own little space in the heart.

“Hearts can be inaugurated only once. The red ribbon that opens them is called first love. To be the Chief Guest is destiny.” – Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

Nowadays I start thinking over the topic, and the header is already decided from before. Nowadays, I am writing what people on the other side want to read. This topic was given to me by Indrajeet Banerjee.
The first thought that struck was Farhan Akhtar’s dialog from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, “Itihas ke panno pe likha hoga, ki mera pehla pyaar tum ho” The second thought that struck was the significance of being first from Virus’ speech in 3 idiots. But wait a moment, we do remember our second love, just that the first one finds its own little space in the heart.
Not only in the respective heart, but for others too! Do you remember the second love of Romeo? Chill, he did not have one. But even if he had, Juliet was the main impact maker because she was the first.
So what’s so special about the First love? Answer: Everything. A new sensation sets in. Something that never has happened before. The first time somebody has tickled your heart. The first time your beats beat to the tune, dedicated to someone special. The first time you couldn’t just remove that picture from your mind. Yes, also the first time when you’ve thought all the 24X7 hours, thought about the someone special.
As I said, the pictures imbibed, its embedded and it doesn’t let you concentrate. All the sleep’s gone. Started to dream with eyes open. The world has changed. Colorful world. Everybody’s so happy.
Yes, such is the impact that First Love makes. This has never happened to you before. You just hope this happens everyday. Its very natural for we human beings, to remember the first time of every activity, but Love just justified why it deserves to be remembered.
So getting back to the impact. (Bollywood Style this time) Its spring time for you, may the whole world frost in winter or swim through the floods of monsoon. You’ve just been struck by the cupid’s arrow. You jump to the bed, all that is in front is your first love. One moment you feel you are hallucinating, the next moment you know, “You’re in love” 😀
Ok, come back to reality. You may take a time out. Minimize the window, listen to MP3 – Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar. And come back. Picture abhi baaki hain mere dost! 🙂
First love is not only about the new sensation. The pain of separation is equally countering. You feel like the world has ended. You wet your bed, your pillow. You are completely broken down. Life’s not worth living, but as they say, hearts a elastic. It quickly heals itself, and there is your heart again. Just that the joys and the pain stay back, memories stay along. They reside in your heart forever.
Still to conclude, Being someone’s first love is good, but being their last is beyond perfect. 🙂  


Why My Heart aches – Now – ?

I wish I can underline the now above in the heading.
So after two topics from my indiblogger friends, this topic was given by Jojopant – An emotional post, on something which is very very close to your heart. Four days ago, I did not even know what to write. I thought of denying the challenge. Here came the reckoning that there was nothing so negative in my life, and I say life’s not worth. I have faced sadness – a few big ones but nothing so big to come here and write about. So to conclude, “Sadness comes in small packages”  But unfortunately, I found my sadness just two days after.
Being a Headboy, it is always a duty to maintain discipline. And being in class 10 only it is always a duty to ensure mobiles are not brought to school. What people don’t understand is our work is to keep away mobiles and not to catch mobiles. My colleagues fail to understand even. So coming back to the topic, two days ago was the day when a post holder and a friend in me, the two virtues of me clashed.
There was my friend standing with mobile in his pocket, and there stood me with the badge on my shirt. There have been similar occasions before, the same people concerned and I have let go. The last time it happened was just a day after I got the topic. I was quite irritated to see the mobile then and I wanted him to see that I am angry, though I was not. I messaged him, “Today, I was a good friend and was a good post holder. Tomorrow I maybe just a head boy.”  And yes, the next day I was just a Headboy.
People don’t know what it feels to sieze your own best friend’s mobile because each year, only one out of every 200 gets to get in the same boots. People don’t know what it feels when your best friend is using his mobile in front of you. One of those times, your virtues of a friend may win, other times your sense of responsibility takes over.
Now that his mobile is gone, he obviously is not talking to me. As a friend, I have done a disaster. So many memories coming my way. We may be friends again, but there’ll be cracks. I can’t M-Seal them. Yes, I wish I can do that, and turn to be what we were before. It was one of those friendships, which stood distinct from others… as the case with all other friendships. 🙂 At the end of the day, I just can wish.

At the end of the day, I have full confidence in the decision that I took.  

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