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The Dog Theory

Over the years, we have been studying about principles and ethics of business management. We have studied about Maslow’s Need Hierarchy along with works of Taylor, Fayol and McGregor but all of those missed a very important behavioral approach followed in every working group. An approach found in people who find kennels in any hierarchy.
This is the Dog Theory.
The Dog Theory_iChetan

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Who let the dogs out?

Kept asking this question since years,
And yet no answer.
Regarding this, a whole lot of doubt,
Who could have done this?
Who let the dogs out?

If I ever meet the culprit,
I would smack that lout.
Or hand him to the police,
The culprit who had let the dogs out!

“They bit us here and there”
The rabies patients shout,
He is going to get killed
The one who let the dogs out.

He’ll not be hanged,
He’ll be left for the rout
Who will beat him to death
Why did he let the dogs out?

They chase us, bark at us
And we can’t do anything.
Because we fear their snout
Fearing since the incident
when the dogs were let out.

Curse that person every moment
as the dogs wag their tail about
Can any of the 7 billion please tell,
O! Tell me who let the dogs out?

Topic given by The Sorcerer  

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