Chaos means total confusion or lack of order. A lot of people believe that chaos is a negative state and why not? Orderly work is something organisations will always strive for. But I refuse to believe that chaos is as bad. You cannot be chaotic unless you have more than a thing to work on, or say, much more to take care of. You can either be good or bad when you have a unit work to complete. You can be better or worse as you continue doing it. But you cannot be the best without knowing all its facets. The gap between ‘good’ and ‘better’ is lesser than the gap between ‘better’ and ‘best’. What makes that gap bigger is chaos. Strangely, it is the same thing which bridges that gap. You cannot be the best, without knowing the wrongs. Best comes to those who strive to bring order and not to the ones who seek to inherit it.


Take the joker out from the pack and give him a ball to juggle. Aced it. Give him another. Nailed it. But only when he will try to outperform himself by juggling another two, will the audience be entertained. He’ll miss his rhythm at times. One ball falls and all the others fall off. There is where the chaos is. He’ll never know what chaos is, if he does not try to outperform himself. He’ll never know if he ever had a chance of juggling four balls at once, if he does not venture into the chaos. People will remember the elephants with hoopla more than him but that is taking the analogy too far. This makes chaos so important, but why is it special? Because when this joker will be chaotic and will not be able to juggle properly, audience will laugh a little harder that day. That is why they had come to the circus. Sanity will need to remind insanity that it is his efforts, and not his failure, that has made people laugh.

Can greatness be found without chaos? In my knowledge, Indian Premier League can be credited to be the greatest global event India has ever hosted and tell me if it has ever been free of chaos? It has showed an undying spirit to provide a two-month long entertainment since nine years now. If that spirit got shut down in one of the folders of the Mudgal Committee Report or would have got dry alongside the crisis in Maharashtra, there would have been no chaos at all.

I am not a rebel. Rebels like chaos in continuum. I see chaos as an impetus. You will never try to fix it, until it is broken. Chaos is what drives you to fix things before they break. Once they break, it is called a mistake. I am not committing to mistakes, though they make you learn so much. I am committing to risk of making them and then somehow managing to bail yourself out. Much like Bollywood? Yes! A thriller.

At this juncture, I only see gullible people agreeing with me about chaos. The wise will still be trying to make sense out of all this saying, “Why do we need to break the order, when everything is going perfect?” If you’re one of those wise people, you are someone who likes to believe in saturation before it actually happens. Another argument could be that I am not as wise to believe that one’s potential has any bounds. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities, i.e, if you believe the cons of chaos to be infinite. Our limitless potential to progress will always outdo the unending arguments against chaos.


A Jigsaw

It was chaos which gave us the single greatest thing we know of: The Universe. It is just another game. You see it as a maze which one cannot get out of. I see it as a jigsaw; too many to place but trials will make you turn the right pieces at the right ends. Chaos will take you to the right end. Play it to believe it. Sanity will need to remind insanity though.


About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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  1. This is so relatable 😊


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