Indian Restaurant and the Chamber of Sounds

They say, “Don’t talk while eating”. The Indian version says talking helps digest food. 

Vacations have just started. Today, visited the Mega Trade Fair at Science City. Who cares about the main course, the desserts always win the game. Yes, the after-party at the restaurant Govinda’s was just classy. The soup wasn’t the best, the food either and neither the brownie was like outstanding, but still simplicity is what is fashionable. Keep it simple, silly. 
“Simple Reading is damn hard writing” – Some author named anonymous.
I am mixing it all up. Wait. Ok, so where were we? At Govinda’s. Right. The food was classy. But had you taken a break from the food, sparing your few hungry seconds you’ll notice many a thing. People talking to each other as if, they may want the person on other table to hear it. Lesson 1 – We Indians don’t hide things from our brothers. We’re open to all.
The order being given at Table 3. They say the order in a way that even the Chef hears the order placed. Aah! The waiter writes it for the sake of remembering. Lesson 2 – We care for all. Even the chefs.

( What will I care for chefs. We are way behind. Sanjeev Kapoor was one of the first icons on TV. Every nook and corner the bald chefs are being kissed for providing their customers with the best chinese. Chefs have become the masters. Hail the “Zaykebaaz” ) 

So Christmas is here. Our break from the hungry seconds is still on. Listen to the tune, the spoons tinkling and the jingle forks. Waah tera kya kehna. Here and there, you listen to different sounds. And likely so, producing sounds as this we’ve been able to innovate Jal Tarang. Haha! Lesson 3 – We’re innovative with anything in our hands. 

I am not looking down upon our mannerisms here. Our manners are ought to be different. We’re still the best. Still the ones with Rajinigandha in our mouth and the world at our legs. We’re the superpower.
As I was saying Christmas is here. We make the spoons and the fork sing, where as in other countries they celebrate in a more serious way. If Jingle Bells is a super hit Christmas carol, you must not forget Silent Night. Other countries just love the latter song.  “Well, all is indeed calm, all is indeed quite. Round the table, parent and child. :D”


About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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