Thank you, Mr. Harsha Bhogle

People find icons in actors, sportspersons and politicians, but I have always found you as my icon. Please accept the following write-up, which, I believe, will forever fall short in explaining the respect I have for you. People might be waiting for the Gambhirs and Yuvrajs to comeback to the international side, but only one comeback is awaited on this end – yours. I have wrote this multiple times as a comment on your facebook posts, and I will write this again, “I will not die without meeting you!” Here, goes the write up.

“Excellence never seeks excuses,” says a man who has lent a voice to countless abiding memories from the game of cricket. Over the years, he has become an inspiration to thousands of cricket enthusiasts, sans his physical appearance on screen. His voice has always done justice to the sport we all love and follow as one of our religions. “Open the textbook, turn to page 32” are the words which will forever label a Tendulkar’s cover drive in IPL. Kumble’s maiden test hundred could not have been immortalized without, “This is most romantic moment in the history of cricket.” There was no other fitting tribute to one of the greatest cricketers of this era other than, “Is there a more calming sight in the world than Rahul Dravid taking guard?” Myriads of such examples exist.

Mr. Harsha Bhogle; just as you say his name, you are reminded of the most rational and sensational voice you might have ever heard in cricket, or in any sport for that matter. But, it is not only his commentary that makes him an inspiration for me. It is his entire innings, up till here, that he has crafted so well and all the fearless shots that he played to reach the commentary box. Mr. Bhogle has come from being a chemical engineer to pursuing a masters in business administration to eventually being a cricket journalist and a cricket commentator. Being a cricket enthusiast and MBA aspirant myself, no other person serves as a better aspiration for me. Though, there is something beyond his education and work profiles that has been my guiding light.

It is the very feature of doing what you love in that very moment, that will always be one of the most inspiring things about him. Having gained distinction in Science, Commerce and Media – Mr. Bhogle has left no stone unturned; something we all aspire to undertake. It also is a highlight of his willingness to learn. At every turning point in his life, in my belief, he chose to take the path which had not been trodden as much. Otherwise, who would abandon the various job offers, one can expect on getting for doing an MBA from IIM-A, and instead start writing for newspapers? I have always wanted to make a career based on similar lines as him – doing what you love and being where you like. He inspires me to have enough courage to break conventions, detach myself from the frantic race and make a path of my own.

I think one would rarely find any example of people who have not participated in a particular sport professionally but still have the prowess to showcase their knowledge about that sport on national television, and rather do it better than the others. Youngsters of our age are always skeptical about things we have not tried or learnt earlier but we can overcome our fears, I believe, if people like Mr. Harsha Bhogle wrote the preamble. During his speech at IIM-A, he said that excellence is a series of 100% because we never know when we find our calling. He said, “Can you fill 2 liters in a 1 liter Pepsi bottle? So you can never give anything more than 100%. But you can give 100% for every moment.” These were words out of the commentary box, which made me draw even near to his works, and I hope such words draw me near to my goal someday.

He once said, “I learnt this very early in my childhood: Remember the good, Forget the bad.” Well, I can most certainly say that when I will look back on how Mr. Harsha Bhogle has inspired me, there will only be good to remember and no bad to forget. For making me listen cricket, for showing me ‘the winning ways’ in life and for sundry other inspiring moments – Thank you Mr. Harsha Bhogle.




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A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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