It’s been quite a few days since the surgical strikes were undertaken by Indian National Army and the Modi-led cavalry. In the capacity of an average Indian, who would love any sort of victory over Pakistan, I was happy and content about this brave step taken by India. Speed reading through Anti-Pakistan posts on social media was an icing over that ecstasy.


Source: Twitter

There was sarcasm and jingoism all around. Then there were posts who sought to analyse the incidents in a situation where even the media did not have much information. I chose to participate in a few comments and was more of the opinion that such display of patriotism is ephemeral in nature. However, today I do want to state my opinion having read through editorial pages of newspapers dated 7th October, 2016, in demand more so because of’James Bond’ endorsing Pan Bahaar. Today, I can distinguish myself from some who have gone lunatic at the very news of India attacking Pakistan. They have the maximum retweets, forwards and shares on their social media accounts. We can safely say that the problem with war-mongering and jingoism can be sorted if the abundant information could anyway reach their brains. This brings me to the first critical area needing re calibration – the people of our country.


As rightly pointed out in this article, “The worst posmodisible result is a war that no one wants. Relentless hysteria in the public discourse could create a situation in which the government is pressured to act not in the nation’s best interest but to live up to bloodthirsty expectations.”
We need to start understanding first and reserve our actions for later. The platforms we are on today are enough dynamic to turn our ‘united’ fights against Pakistan into a ‘diverse’ one within our own clan between different castes and cultures. By such re calibration, I do not imply that we must stop giving opinions, but I preach that we must do so responsibly. It is always said that debates and discussions enrich the society with profound knowledge and greater comprehension, but I am finding it difficult to make sense out of debates based on the location of the strikes, the contribution of our army personnel, the future of Pakistani artists, and so on. As rightly pointed out by Akshay Kumar, “A soldier on the war-front will not care about whether a particular Pakistani artist should leave India or not.”  By virtue re-calibration, let us grow mature and grow out the lack of patience and savoir faire.

The next set needing re-calibration is surely the Opposition in general and Congress in particular. From blaming the prime minister for not showing enough courage against Pakistan to showcasing him as a war-monger in the country, Congress have reduced their standards further down, if it was not negative or cipher already. The opposition claims to have made three surgical strikes in their term saying that they did not want to publicize it, while asking for conclusive evidence of the recent surgical strikes. If anyone has shown disrespect for our army, it is them and no one else. It is not the BJP government that they questioned but it was the efforts and martyrdom of our army that they rallied against. As for Arvind Kejriwal, it has always been hard to understand his calibration which is why we cannot conclude about the reforms he needs to undergo. We all know how Congress can switch their games to extract the maximum possible support out of Muslim minority while balancing the national interests.


Source: The Telegraph | 7/10/2016

Unfortunately, for Pakistan, the Muslim minority card doesn’t feature in Narendra Modi’s deck which certainly gives the current government “greater elbow room than his Congress predecessors.” This might have not been a worry for Nawaz Shareef if they would have reciprocated Narendra Modi’s effort for friendship and bi-lateral ties between the two countries. But having bluffed the whole pact, the particular factor comes back in the picture to haunt Pakistan for any step they plan to take against India. India and Pakistan are on the cusp of a new phase – the phase which might feature undeclared wars between the two nations. While Pakistan were always consistent with their malpractices, India has rather been inconsistent in their approach but not any further. Pakistan will need a re-calibration in their strategy to deal with India because, regardless of the validity of surgical strikes, they can now expect India to be consistent in their retaliations as long as Modi is in control of the reins. Their valiant efforts to save their face against the surgical strikes is out in the open and has been subtly rebuked by major powers around the globe. Although, I doubt if, alike all other products associated with China, this re-calibration also proves to be faulty and short-lived.


Source: Economic Times | 7/10/2016

Not only the Indus Water Treaty, but on so many other fronts it will be as bad for India as for Pakistan in an event of war. “Modi began his innings with a belief that he could do business with Nawaz Sharif. That optimism suffered a reality check with Pathankot, Uri and the Kashmir troubles. Consequently, he has recalibrated India’s response to a difficult neighbour.” If anyone needs a reality check and re-calibration the most, it will be the media and influential people on both sides of the border.

“An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.” Because of our belief in this very principle, have we lost out on so many things in these 70 odd years but it may have won us peace and tranquility on the other hand. Difficult neighbour, but still a neighbour. Re-calibrate.


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