The simple things in life of a Marwari.

A very random and offbeat take on happiness.

The simple things in life are the most extraordinary,
like the first of those, seeing mummy around
sleeping beside her, hiding behind her,
Her protection was the first happiness found.
And when the sound of footsteps drew near,
of someone climbing the stairs;
I ran to the door with glee
with few plastic bags papa has come
Happiness was peaking into those bags,
if there was something for me.

The simplest thing in life which can make you happy is your parents, your family. They will not fool around with you, or hangout with you in the cafe down the road, but just be there for you which in fact makes them the simplest source of happiness. In fact, all the simple things that follow are because they are there to make available for you every happiness in this world.

What about relationships? Your family doesn’t make a relationship available for you. What about them?
Yes, they don’t. But then who said relationships are simple? 😀

Source: Marwari Tips :)

Source: Marwari Tips 🙂

On the other hand, a marwari family only makes marriages available for you. They only bring you your love once you give consent for marriage. That is the entire thing about families. Since we have matured, every thing they do seems weird but they make us happy more than we can even fathom.

About other simple things in life, anything which can satisfy my laziness. Anything. Breakfast in bed may have topped the list if I wasn’t a marwari. (It still is among the top 10) We marwaris love bread for breakfast. Each caste does but we do not move on from bread. Breads cost us less. They are our universal solvent.
Mangoes, Banana. Cheese. Bhaaji. Any masala with mashed potato. Anything can be put in between two breads and be made into a sandwich. I am a proud sandwich-eating marwari, and given that you know my three simple things in life which makes me happy: Money, Food and Money not spent on food.

There’s nothing happier than finding a 10 rupee note in the pocket or in a corner of the wallet which you did not calculate in your mind. (We marwaris continuously keep track of how much cash flow we have incurred)

And then there’s free food that stretches beyond happiness. “Chetan, it’s my birthday treat. You have to come.” says someone on call and in my mind I am thinking of telling mummy not to make food for that whole day. But mummy still makes food for the whole day. (The simplest thing about marwari ladies is to make everybody eat more than they can digest.)

Here’s a list of other things which make me happy:

1. A long phone conversation! The person on the other side must be calling for this to become happiness.

2. An itch you can reach. Can life be more happier?

3. The smell of chocolate in cookies and cakes: Please buy me this!

4. A soft drink, a coca colaBloody, it just comes for 12 rupees. We can pay that amount.

The list goes on. Then why those wrinkles and why those hair-falls, panic and stress? Because we are all behind the same simplest things making them difficult to get. Let us try letting things go? Let us try helping others achieve some things? There’s no bigger happiness than making others happy. Its very simple to strive for others. Difficulty only lies in the first step of trying not to be selfish. Mark the words of this marwari.

My next simple happy thing? The voucher I will receive on this blog post. Keep it simple, silly!


About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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