My Story.

If you dont tell your story, someone else will. And since the time I have not been blogging and my results are out and I am into college, it has always has been somebody else telling my story.

May: Mingling with best of fours and best of fives, people posting the best calculation they can make out of their marksheets, friends and relatives calling in huge numbers, calls waiting, proud faces around the house and voices all around you enchanting, “Xaviers! Xaviers!” Yes, results.
Relatives who did not remember your birthday which went just 2 weeks ago, very well remember that you have given your boards under CBSE this year and thus demand marks. “Kitna aaya Chetan ka?” Even if I would’ve scored a 97% which is like 15 marks more I have already got, I would have still said that I got lucky to get into the category, “bhot hi bariyo aayo” among relatives. It is that dangerous phenomenon. So, all my family members and relatives, close and far told my story. I was gaping at them, thinking to myself if 94.25 would be enough for any good?

June: One after another, lists were coming out. None featured my name. Suddenly, one list did – Narsee Monjee Economics Honours. Isnt that great? Mumbai! Economics Honours! One of the best management colleges! Certainly a package which nobody could put down. I did. I decided against going to Narsee Monjee. To fast forward the story after that, presidency and xaviers were not taking me and finally I had a screen open on my laptop, which I never considered navigating through – The Bhawanipur Education Society admissions page. It felt like giving up. I tried to settle myself with my shunned dreams. Delhi University, Mumbai University, Presidency University, Calcutta University, nobody adopted this homeless. I don’t even know if anybody or anything told my story. My story was finished.

July: Hopes saw their end just when Xaviers uploaded its third list for bcom. I still thought I would be going with eco hons at bhaggu. I was willing to take the road less travelled by, but xaviers just kept pulling me towards it. From dropping Narsee Monjee to applying for Bhaggu and being upset, then considering it against Xaviers bcom and finally settling with Bcom hons, it was just a reckoning of how safe and secure school was. It was always a shelter to all the uncertainties for 12 years. Being into Xaviers, did not make me as proud as it made others. I could never update a status saying, “Xaverian!!!” I knew how fragile pride can be. But my marwari family was as glad as they could be. “Xaviers mei ho gayo, chhorro” reached the world through my landline. My family told my story. Xaviers told my story.

Where was I? In a shell, pushed back further with each coming story. But I was not deterred, I was waiting. Waiting to tell people my story. Sooner or later, we all will have our own story to tell. It is about time. I want to become Xaviers’ pride. That is when Xaviers will be my pride. What you did in 12 years at school, college demands something similar in 3 years. Here, life just starts to get fast paced. Will time tell my story? No. I will. I will. 


About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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