Classroom. Chapter #3

28th November 2013: The last few exams.

Innocent times at junior school, in class 1 or 2, exams were important because mummy made us feel so. Not that they are not important now, but from class 3, we realized, maybe, how vague and unending was it. Not that mummy has stopped attaching importance to exams, but somewhere there when we crossed middle school, the futility of exams overcame its importance. I have just attached the right kind of importance to exams to allow myself to live 12 years of my school, and not more than that, fortunately. And for all these 12 years, exams have been a distinct memory.
With books in hand, summing up the last few things before an exam, through the crowded corridor comes the invigilator, and brings with them our hopes for the particular exam, or, lets be honest, washes out the only little hope. For all your life you will not see a more ecstatic face of anyone, than the students in the class with linient invigilator. The first look of this invigilator entering the examination room and echoes only one thing, “bhai! Pass hai.” And everything is so heavenly about this ‘easy’ invigilator. As they will walk through the corridors, each class would be hoping the teacher turns to their class. A complete opposite reaction follows for invigilators with hawk eyes.404416_352704591420432_190179939_n

 Cheating was never allowed. It was always an art. The toilet will always have the answers. Then there are chits, pencil box scribblings, formulas written with pencil on table and so on. Methods improved with improvement in technology; Mobile Phones. Brave hearts are those who exchange supplementaries. Statistics show oral methods are most favourable. Forehead, nose, lips, chin. Not your facial parts but four options of MCQ. CBSE brought in MCQs for class X papers, we couldnt have stood helpless.395239_350752071615684_125653284_n

Supplementaries were special too. With loud cheers, everybody greeted the student who asked for supplementaries and these were the measure of a good paper.  “Bhai, kitna supplementary liya?” – First thing people ask after an exam.420602_374301729260718_1226737341_n (1)

And, how can we miss out on seating arrangements? Coming into the examination room, was to first seat in as advantageous position as it can be. Seating arrangement was based on two principles: Backbench and Toppers. Everybody tried to be as near to both, as they can. 397199_350752198282338_781422577_n

And, today ends the pre-selection. Another feather in our 3 hour struggle campaigns. Something which I have always ran from, is also one of those things I will miss. Such is the magnanimity at Birla High School. :’)

 “Exams ki woh tayyari, aur likhna woh teen ghante, aur baahar aake woh kehna… Saala kya bekaar paper set kiya hai. I am really gonna miss this place. I am gonna miss my school days.”

About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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