The taxis in Kolkata continue to not take passengers. The managers refuse to hike the salaries. The teenagers won’t agree with their parents. Girls won’t pay heed to so many requests from the guys. There is more denial in the world today than acceptance.


Thus, I Refuse.

Denial means a refusal to comply with or a refusal to give/ satisfy a request. Why do people deny? Autocracy is one reason. The managers enjoy the authority. The teenagers like the access to authority. The taxis are authoritative for no reason. For girls, authority means attitude. 😀 Autocracy cannot be helped. What cannot be helped, isn’t worth discussing.

If Denial means a refusal to satisfy a request, what can be a better example than Congress? The Indian National Congress.


Denial may even mean the consistent non-speaking of Manmohan Singh. [ I haven’t joined NaMo India, yet.]

Getting back to where we were, Autocracy is one reason, different thoughts/ ideology can be another. A fight always takes place between two rights. Ideologies are the prime reason for denials. If denials can be graded as white and black like the lies, these would be put under white denials. They do not harm and are healthy. What is unhealthy is the growing differences between these ideologies. What is unhealthy is when these ideologies are influenced with wrong reasons.

Denial has another dimension. This is where the debate is. Denial may mean a refusal to accept the truth. Break up happened a few months ago. The girl/boy says, “I have moved on”. On 63% times, this proves to be the biggest and the best known Denials from over all the statements that are.


[Am I not a good economics student? What-a-diagram!] This is what it is when Denials mean refusals to accept the truth. Denials have justifications. Vague Justifications. Justifications which move in circles, away from the truth. There is no preaching above the fact that one should accept the truth. Having said all this, are Denials bad in such a case? Obviously yes or Maybe not.

denial 2

[Hell yeah! My Diagrams ♥] Reality may not always be true. Denials may sometime be a fight for the truth. Maybe those justifications move in circles to prove the truth over and over again. Reality is stubborn. Maybe that student has really put a lot of effort before failing. Maybe the ones trying, have tried tirelessly but in vain. They continue to deny. Reality asks acceptance. And now, they are still trying. Trying to justify…. but…. in vain.

Topic by Mansi Goda, a friend.

About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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