My Fav♥urite Shirt.


January 21, 2012 at 10:52pm

Love is patient, Love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.
Love. It’s a simple but overused word. “I love you”. The word doesn’t mean much anymore, not to most. Some people scoff at it. We throw it around like a used shirt, wearing it because it’s comfortable, safe, and secure, but never truly understanding why we have it. We lend it out, forget about it, and years later, we think, “Hey, I really liked that shirt.”
But do we care? No. It’s probably gone now, thrown away because of a rip or sold for at a sale. We forget; it doesn’t matter after that.
Then we see the world fall apart. We stay in the safety of our homes and sometimes we feel so helpless and alone we’re not sure what to do. We cry for the inhumanity, scream for the injustice, and wonder why the world is this way. We think we can change the world; we know we want to help those who need it most … then we remember that T-shirt we threw out years ago.
Every casual relationship has an “I love you” attached, and the moment a break up occurs, “love” instantly changes to “hatred”. Or better still, you “move on”. Thinking back, had it been actual love, could you have moved on?
I wouldn’t be a good judge on guy psychology (:P), but for us girls, every second boyfriend we have is going to be our soulmate forever. We fantasize about getting married to the guy who seems like our beloved for a particular period of time, and yes, the groom changes soon enough  😛 You are teased as Mrs. B, Mrs. N, or whatever the letter is at that moment.
Actually, I thought about this when this old lady narrated the story of her marriage to me. They hadn’t confessed their love to each other till the man who loved her asked for her hand in marriage. Of course, today’s times are different altogether, but are we ready to spend an entire lifetime with somebody once we say “I love you” to that person?
Love, I’d always thought, lasts for a lifetime.
I guess the meaning to the word has transformed so widely over the decades that it’s a trifling matter now. When we say we’re searching for love, are we really searching for the unknown?
“Infatuation” is often taken to be love. Infatuation, to be precise, is when you like a person of the opposite (or nowadays, even the same) sex to the point of obsession, the state of being completely carried away by unreasoning passion. “Love”, however, is when infatuation gains a deeper meaning, and grows everlasting. When you know you would give up your life for that special one- Love. Would you give up your life, your happiness, for your crush or boyfriend? Would he extend the same courtesy?
Love is selfless, people say. But then, wouldn’t being so selfless, tantamount to being a blind idiot? I mean, how do we be selfless, if we aren’t sure that the guy/girl is selfless too? The mindboggling part is, we’re never going to be sure enough. =)
Here comes in, the question of Trust. It’s as easy to say “I trust you” as it is to say “I love you”; but it’s quite difficult to prove that you actually do. If the Trust factor is broken, as it does in majority cases, are you ready to face heartbreak?
The Heart- another irony of love.
Have any of you ever wondered why the heart is always associated with love?
Actually, it’s nothing but a myth. It’s the brain, that falls in love. The limbic cortex in the brain is responsible for the powerful emotion of love. Many people object to this scientific point of view of love, since it is more associated with romanticism. Guys, so yes, do think before you fall in love, else you might be left with a broken brain! xP Don’t get me wrong here- Love isn’t an illusion, it’s just rare. It’s an emotion that has become increasingly overrated with the growing intelligence of the human race.
But, we do lose that rare shirt even after we do get it. We want it back; we fight and scramble for it. We go out and buy new shirts, try them on, but none seems to fit. We’ve lost it – we’ve lost love. We are unnerved for a bit; we sit alone and beat ourselves up for letting it go. Then we just we shrug it off. We say, “I’ll do it later” or “I’m too busy.” I’m guilty of it too: “I don’t have the right resources” or “I’m too young” or “No one will care.” And it seems as if no one does. With young people only bent on the next party or who’s dating whom, you wonder if, in the end, their shirts were ever worn.
We try our hands at the gamble of love, a small group of us, but our shirts are faded among the bright colors of greed and the “use and throw” system. We are pushed into the background. We try to push our way through the crowds, and we truly wonder: where has the love gone?
I don’t want my love to fade; though my shirt is tattered and worn, I wear it daily. I am honest and open, and when I say that simple, dead, four-letter word, I mean it. I know I’ve made mistakes with it in the past and I almost threw my shirt away; I carry it carefully now. It’s close to my heart, where it’s meant to be. I do lend it out every once in a while – I let those who need it try it on and feel the safety that I feel. I leave them pieces when I go, but my shirt never seems to tear. It stays just as simple as it ever was.
When the time comes, I will stand alone in this world and stare into the eyes of those with the shirts of greed and want and lust, and I will know that even though mine is not the most beautiful shirt in the crowd, it’s among the best.

– Mansi Goda, a friend.

Me says, “You can have the shirts with you in two ways: either in a wardrobe or you can wear it forever. People might be scared of it getting stained, but then they are not meant for wardrobes. 😀 let go. Express. Love somebody. About my shirt? My shirt gives me my identity. There lies my love.”


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