Padhle Zara

“Kitne shidhat se maine tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai ki harr zarre ne mujhe tumse milaane ki saazish ki hai. Kehte hai agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho, toh poori kaaynat usse tumse milaane ki koshish mei lag jaati hai.” – Shahrukh Khan.

“Jis shidhhat se maine book uthaane ki koshish ki hai ki harr lafz ne mujhe sulaane ki saazish ki hai. Agar kabhi dil se padhne jao, toh poori kaaynat tumhe usse hataane ki koshish mei lag jaati hai.” – Reality.

229782_10150194340819721_532984720_6710900_7036368_n_largeCousins are going for dinner. After ages, friends are playing cricket in the building, the movie channels are screening your favourite movie and whatsapp and facebook with their natural evil. All is there when you confine yourself to closed doors and open books. Life is amazingly beautiful. The grass is greener than any day before but you are only limited to hay. All temptations pulling you away, till the time you are hanging in the middle of nowhere with failure hanging over your head.Study-or-sleep1 If no temptations work, sleep will. Nothing can be as horrifying a moment as that when you wake up from sleep while preparing for an exam. “shit man. Hum soo kaise gaya.” and then you check for the time. Cased.

This topic cannot be passed with only a few words on whatsapp and facebook. “Yeh batti waale macchar hote hai. Batti jalaaoge toh aayenge hi. Padhai karoge toh aayenge hi aayenge” They are the constant evil.
Facebook is home to countdowns. “One down, four to go.” One of those status, in which an individual finds solace, maybe. And then, Facebook is home to hopeless newsfeeds which are now so interesting suddenly. tumblr_lvrt8zXG3t1qbte5go1_400
The tale of Whatsapp is the best. Whatsapp is a portal of fake promises. Whatsapp statuses during exams will always be  “Do not Text. Urgent Calls Only” or “off whatsapp, studying.”
Last seen seconds ago. Period.

I remember my middle school hindi lessons calling the mind as chakravyuh, which is a circular formation which is never constant and always rotating. And so, cheers to all the deep thoughts and dwellings that one gets into while studying. All the spirituality of life comes only in two situations – One, when you bath. Second, while studying.
And once this Mind is let to run, it is difficult to bring it back again. Yes, the breaks. Because, study breaks cannot be only limited to Kit-Kat, it involves a bit of chatting, eating, phone calls and shit. There are sometimes when these breaks are bigger than the actual study time.
Study-for-examThe Whole Number Theory: It is 12:42 during a break. The whole number theory suggests that you should resume again from 1:00.
The Anti-Forecast Theory: One will never start or complete studying on the projected time. This 1:00 gets dragged till 1:15.

Study breaks are a time when the mind gets randomly attracted to anything and everything and this continues even once you have got back to studies. Just before my accounts exam, I was watching the Spider’s Movement along the wall for 10 minutes. That is how random it is. Still, the spider was fun to watch.


The aggregate result of all of it stated above? In my case, it will be a parents call, soon to happen for failing in Accounts and Maths. Half-yealies just got over. #BoardYear. 😦

“Pyaar Mohabbat Dhoka hai. Padhle Beta Mauka hai.

Ae Dil, Maan meri baat. Padhle Zara”

About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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