Made in Bollywood.

After years of quoting the classic, “Kitne Aadmi The” and the epic, “Mere Paas Maa hain”, Bollywood today has observed a sea of quotes which were written, narrated, and which echoed all throughout. At one hand when Rowdy Rathore registered his “Don’t Angry Me” in this list, Rajesh Khanna revived his evergreen “Babumoshaaaai” with the Havells ad. 3 hours movie, and these one-liners are like mementos you carry along with you on your way home. These souvenirs can’t be forgotten. They remain with us forever. Fresh and evergreen.
While some dialogues like “Police ne chaaro taraf se tumhe gher liya hain” and “Main tumhare bacche ki maa banne waali hoon” are repeated here and there in every movie, new age dialogues like Bob’s “Nomoshkar, ek minute” and Singham’s “Aata Maji Satakli” are repeated here and there from every mouth. These new age one liners pronounce the success of the movie, as it is them who attract the public, especially youth to the theaters.
Joke Time: Do you know what did the dhai kilo haath wala Sunny Deol say after seeing the calendar? “Taareek pe Taareek.. Taareek pe Taareek” 

It is true that Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan have been significant contributors to the quote bank of bollywood, but the affinity towards a new donor in the market has been notable. His name’s not vicky, but Salman Khan. You are in fits when he says, “Hum tum mein itne chhed karenge ki confuse ho jaoge ki saans kahan se le aur paadhe kahan se” and the “Mujh pe ek ehsaan karna ki mujhpar koi ehsaan mat karna”. But what grabbed maximum ear drums was “Ek baar jo maine commitment kar diya, main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta.” And of course, you dare not expect more from him because as he says, “Teen cheezein kabhi underestimate mat karna: I, me and myself.” His dialogues, although, don’t make any sense… the ‘ishtyle’ with which he delivers them ensure that these are not going to die till the very last. Why does he even act in movies? He may just speak out these dialogues in a five minute sequence accompanied by one song in which he will do his weird step. (First the towel, then the belt, then came the shirt collar and last was the muscle step)

It’s so pleasing to know that Bollywood directors and actors are actually realizing this upcoming or already up trend of affinity towards dialogues. For examples, one may see how Don 2 released a dialog from the movie every friday for promotions, or how The Dirty Picture was filled with one liners (Good that the movie grabbed ear drums too, never mind the eye balls). “Filmein sirf teen cheezon ki wajah se chalti hain… Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment… Aur main *wink* entertainment hoon.” was what people wanted to hear again and again along with replaying “Ooh La La” track. “Don ka intezar to gyarah mulkon ki police kar rahi, Lekin ek baat samajh lo, Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai ..” – A dialog from Don in front of which any quote may fall short. You may almost guess what Ghajini Dharmatma shouted at the theaters when he heard SRK, “Short Term Memory Loss” followed by his evil laughter.  
Jokes apart, Shahrukh Khan has delivered some epic dialogues to die for. From the “Kuch Kuch Hota hain… Tum nai Samjhogi” to the very famous, “Senoritttaa.. Bade Bade desho mein aisi chhoti chhoti baate hoti rehti hain”. From the “K.. K.. Kiran” from where his endless stammering started to the “My name is Khan.. and I am not a terrorist” when we came to know that the stammering was because of the epiglottis.

“Babuji ne kahaa gaon chhod do,
sabne kahaa paro ko chhod do,
paro ne kahaa sharaab chhod do,
aaj tumne kah dia, haweli chhod do,
ek din aayega jab wo kahenge, duniya hi chhod do”

Sometimes, it is difficult to just pick out one dialog from a movie. Every dialogue, every sequence from Sholay is a classic, you can’t just be content with one. Even the sequence from A Wednesday, when Naseeruddin Shah spoke and went on to even use a slang, never mind that… but the dialogue is just perfect if you are in need of goosebumps! [Video Here] 

Coming to the big boss, the big b, Bachchan… Amitabh Bachchan. Of course, when you talk of this legend, you go speechless. That is why I preferred making a photo.

In fact, these days every actor is ready with their own pet phrase, Even Manoj Bajpai who said, “Aasman mein thukne wale ko yeh nai pata ke palat ke thuk uske upar hi girta hain… Karaara Jawaab Milega” And we are pretty sure, if Amresh Puri were reading this right now; he’d throw his head back in a manic laugh and proclaim, “Mogambo khush hua.” or if Anil Kapoor would have read this, he would have exclaimed, “Jhakaaas” to say how this blog post wasAnd last but not the least, had Shatrugan Sinha be reading this, he would’ve silenced everybody with “Khaamosh” to say his dialogue, only to realize he has already delivered it.

So many dialogues in one blogpost, so much entertainment. Made in the one and only, Bollywood.


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  1. lolsy….. nyc post.


  2. nice onee! 😀 😀


  3. harshvardhan modi

    bhai tum amitabh ke jagah abhishek likh diya hai


  4. well never realized ths part of hindi movie…..we r soo much into dialogue baji tht we never realize hw dialouges are used for making money ….thx for making me realize it


    • I never meant to write this post to highlight the negative side of these dialog. And contradicting your interpretation, whats wrong in dialogd being written for money making. The doctors also do operations for money. And for me dialogs are more a entertainer than money making dialogs.


  5. ohhh i knw ur write up never meant wht i interpreted but while reding it my ecomic sense pushed up to itherpret ……i kw itz part of entertainment ..but it also helpthem to mint money ….never tried to contradict ur thought,


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