Five Point Someone: Why Men hate Fairy Tales.

We dream of fairies, we dream of angels
Someone as hot as a Barbie-que
Someone as beautiful as Rapunzel.
And in our dreams, floats our romantic sail
Curiosity killed the cat as to why,
In the real world, do we hate the fairy tale?

The question arose, “Given there is no pressure from his girl, would a man go to watch Snow White and the Hunstman?”
And if he dares to have a stag entry, even the security guards may well make fun of him, calling him names such as Justin Bieber. You never know. The sum of it is, a man would never ever wish to see a fairy tell. They hate fairy tales.

Injustice against Men: Fairy Tales have continuously been portraying men in negative light. They called the girl a beauty, and called us a beast? They punished Pinnochio when he lied, but praised Cindrella when she did so. Aladin was a dirty homeless boy. Tarzan was a wanderer, who walked without clothes on and Robin Hood was a thief. Gave Snow White all the fair and lovely she longed for, but denied the seven of us ‘Complan’.

Children Girls of Boredom: The tales that girls narrate, are all spiced up with boredom. And when you ask us for another tale, you got to be kidding. May it be a tale of the fairies, but all girls are the same may it range from Churails to Fairies.

Crisis: It happened only sometimes when fairy tales had proper roles for men. They made us a prince. One who will sweat it out travelling the whole city finding the girl who lost her shoe. One who will kiss the sleeping girl and then marry her. Urgh. Problem. It gave the habit to these girls to expect from us the same love, the same passion that we should put in. Almost a situation where a CA might just get up, bang the table and say, “Woh Raaja tha. Main Employee hoon.”

Isolation: ย Whatever be our part in a fairy tale, as negative or as an animal (pigs and bears), we were never given importance. It was called a ‘fairy’ tale. 46% of injustice, and 54% of isolation. A boy aged 4 years, as if he is forcefully taught that chapter, and the next thing he knows that his ‘hero’ in the story was left out. Sad. He comes to know that it is all about importance of ย girls. The child at such a small age, I pity that child in me from which I have grown.

Betrayal: ย Girls are fairies, they said. They are loving and lovely, they said. The bitter truth arises when your first love leaves you. Fairies? To hell with fairies. All those tales betrayed us. Alas! We are at fault. We never realized, in real sense they were all ‘fairy tales’, all a fantasy.

Topic “Men always pretend to hate fairy tales” given by Chandramita Halder, history teacher at my school.
This may be termed as a ‘holiday’ homework.
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About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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  1. Chandramita halder

    Super duper cute write up till date chetan way to go …..i cn seriously picturize hw bad a boy felt when he was told to read a fairy tale in school.


  2. point. ๐Ÿ˜€


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