IPL Auction: To be or not to be

As Richard Madley picks up the hammer, calls the player’s name and then after the highest bidder is clear says, “Sold” it does seem interesting enough. There’s an element of suspense as to which player is up next and which team will he go to. Everything is just perfect. For me, its “paisa vasool” but interestingly my bua (aunt) disagrees. It is not that feminine only love soaps because what she said was bang on. 
“Auction.” Players renowned all over the world, masters of their game are auctioned. Following is an extract from Wikipedia.

Auctions have a long history, having been recorded as early as 500 B.C. According to Herodotus, in Babylon auctions of women for marriage were held annually. The auctions began with the woman the auctioneer considered to be the most beautiful and progressed to the least. It was considered illegal to allow a daughter to be sold outside of the auction method.

Slaves were auctioned in earlier times. Today people sell their second hand things. I don’t think these professional players fall into any of these categories. Don’t the players have their own self-respect? Or they preferred to let it go in craving for money?

This is what Sharda Ugra, senior editor at EspnCricinfo had to say on IPL Auction who believed that the joke was on cricket,

Before the IPL turned up, the word “auction” was understood to be “public sale” of “goods” or “property” or “articles” or “merchandise”. No dictionary contains the mention of people in an auction because in the history of mankind, the only human beings ever involved in public auctions were slaves. But surely that’s being too serious, too square. The IPL auction was just business, private money changing hands from one bunch of people to another. The merchandise on offer was cricketing skill.
Last year, an Indian cricketer had a simple question: why is it that players are put on public auction while IPL teams are picked through sealed bids, closed doors? Maybe because the auction is, in fact, a celebrity-infested reality show, made for low-brow television. The IPL auction does not really belong to sport, it is closer to tawdry WWE programming.

When my aunt finished, I asked her, “Do we have any other option to sell such a huge pool of players where every team has strategies and aim to get the best lot” and there was no option. I believe anybody or even Sharda Ugra may not have any option. But just because we don’t have choices we cannot continue making spectacle of the sport. The Indian Premier League is one of the reasons I have been enjoying my summer vacations over the last five years but seeing all the news updates and the controversies coming up, in a way, I am ready to sacrifice my entertainment. If it is turned into Indian Propaganda League, it should be stopped, if its caretakers can really focus on cricket, let it stay.

“Ban kiya jaaye, yaa chhor diya jaaye/ Bol IPL tere saath kya sooluk kiya jaaye”


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