Blogpost #100 – Happy Birthday Blog!

The 100th Post on iChetan is here! Cry it out in the streets.  

Why I exist,
The reason is you
My first footsteps,
I owe to you
I owe to you my breath and being
Icons may be many
But you are the icon I grew up seeing

Running all around the house
To feed me the “gaasiya” I did not eat
Supporting me whenever I fell
You taught me how to walk
you taught me how to stand on my feet.

Not many punishments for my naughtiness
But yes, you did apply oil on my hair
Introduced me to the world so large
Shielded me from its trades unfair.

Always kept guiding me throughout
You showed the way to the right direction
I may try all day, all night
But no poem may ever contain
the tale of your hardships and affection.

There are several reasons why the 100th Post on this blog has been dedicated to Mummy.  But at the very first instance, I feel how a mother toils for our benefit and doesn’t look for reasons but when it comes to thanking her… reasons are needed. :/ Who asked for reasons? Well, I would still prefer to state some.

  • Bollywood movies have successfully shown how a hero gives his very first salary to his mother, with a whole lot of dramatic touch in the eye. And not only in reel life, but in real life too. Our parents deserve our first salary more than we do, if I may say that. Because it is only because of them that this salary has been achieved.
    “Achieved” >> “Achievement” >> In the actual sense we share our life’s achievement, our life’s landmark with the closest people that can be. I must say, 100th Post, for me is an achievement I want to dedicate to my parents, and more importantly – to Mummy. 
  • My birth forms an integral part of me giving birth to this blog and thus, Mummy holds a share. (Though she owns my everything! 😛 )
  • Mothers Day is on May 13th. Mummy’s birthday is far. Anniversary gone. Umm, any other day? Is it that only on these days that we should feel for our parents or mothers?

A perfect occasion. 100th Post. The blog turns one celebrating its happy wala birthday. Strawberry cake to celebrate. It has been an amazing journey. How quickly this blog became one of my best friends. This blog has been my perfect girl-friend. The reason why I say its perfect because it is only me who speaks and writes here. She keeps quiet. Just kidding. iChetan has spoke volumes. Some occasions it really did match the amplifier. You may always read them while you eat the strawberry cake or fancy to have such a perfect girl-friend. No wonder if she is my girl-friend, this blog has become a part of my heart, soul and being. Thank you for reading and your support all throughout readers! Hope to keep you entertained. Cheers! (Strawberry Squash! 😉 )

About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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  1. Happy happy birthday to this wonderful blog we all love to read. And congratulations on your 100th post. It was heartwarming to see you dedicate it to your mom. You are right there really can never be enough to dedicate/give to them…. They are the reason we are!


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