What an idea, Montek Ji!

Declare tea as national drink, says Montek Singh Ahluwalia

Something’s fishy when someone hailing from Punjab comes up with an idea of declaring tea as the National Drink. A man who may have been drinking lassi all his life, asks for tea to be declared as National Drink?

If not Lassi, he would have still “drank” Ghee more.  Ok, he chose tea but he should have been more specific. Tea with milk or without milk. With Sugar or without sugar. A citizen should know which tea he has to drink in order to take pride. Very important, thus! 😉

This statement of Montek Singh gained many comments on Twitter, Facebook and even from certain celebrities.
“I’m very sad that Tea has been chosen as the National Drink of India” – Kofi Annan said at a press conference.
Anu Malik forced a India TV correspondent to take his interview where he said, “Main iss statement pe do lavz hi gaana chahunge – Ek Garam chaai ki pyaali ho.. Oop Oop Cha.. Seene se lagane waali ho. Thank you! ”
Karan Johar was upset about how the Indian government neglected his contribution towards the Bollywood Cinema.

Vijay Mallya was heard stating, “Already this National Airline is finishing off my airline. Now what will this National Drink do to my drinks? I only trust Chris Gayle now”

 If this idea comes into effect, it will surely have after effects. Mamata Banerjee shall declare BournVita as the Official drink of West Bengal in order to honour Derek O’ Brein and his contributions towards TMC Bengal. (Don’t Arrest Me!)
Pakistan shall declare Green tea as their National Drink.
More such Montek-alike ideas can arise like National Puppet – Manmohan Singh, National Concern – Salman Khan’s Marriage (bunk! 😛 ) and Ajmal Kasab can be declared as National Guest. There are so many probabilities.

And there are probabilities even for other drinks to compete for the National Drink’s berth.

Shikanji, Nimbu Paani and Nariyal Paani spark a patriotic feeling within more than the tea does. And when we say, Tea we refer to a colonial drink. The Indian version is Chaai.

And what is the status of Ganga Jal? Is it not enough polluted to be our National Drink?
“Given the never ending inflation, scams and new taxes, the national drink ought to be not tea, but the common man’s blood.” – Chetan Bhagat  “and also his tears”


About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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  1. Chetan! Very nicely written. Sarcasm is best way of criticism. Good luck mate. Lassi jaisi seriously koi nahi.


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