Survival of the cook-iest.

Chef Gusteau’s sole message in life was, “Anybody can cook”. The message seems as a sub topic in the culinary section of “Nothing is impossible”. But indeed, Anybody can cook. Even rats. There was Remy who cooked and cooked phenomenally. He finally become one but he was dying to become a chef. Coming to terms, that was all fiction. In the real world, unlike the fictitious, one may become a chef to survive.

He may become a cook to fight his quest for survival.

Lets be very honest. Cricketers don’t earn much money. They just get their match fees, some money from their boards, money that come as awards. Done. The players at the IPL earn in crores. Not much. Or to say that cricketers are those men who take the ‘only’ on cheques too seriously. How will a person survive in such low incomes. Economics was all wrong. They only mentioned the poverty line and never referred of the Posh line also known as the elite line. Living below the elite line is like these present living, then ancestors don’t have any feelings for the fifth generation that will come ahead. So, to survive in such low incomes needs some measure. One such desperate measure, as I mentioned, is cooking.

To no surprise, they even get sponsors here. Their photos show as if they have found the right measure for survival and it is ultimately the food that fills anybody’s stomach. They’re just cooking that food.

Survival is a very subjective term. For teenagers like us, for the culinary record, survival means the complete opposite to “dying without junk food”. Thus, quest for survival for teenagers can make them cook Maggi. This may either coax the mothers to eventually cook junk food for us rather than seeing their children facing such difficulties cooking. This may either help us teenagers find our cooking talent! 🙂 This may either help the chefs all over the world come to terms with a new innovation; if sugar is added instead of salt, if tea making material is added instead of masala.
Or it may atleast help us test our smoke detectors and exhausts fitted in our homes. Quest for survival has never been so easy.

I am so sure there is a cook hidden behind each of us. Probably we don’t recognize it or we prefer to stay lazy, or you have your secret recipes that you don’t want to reveal to the world. Hmm.. but Why be a cook? 
The fight for survival made the primitive men invent fire, what big thing is being a cook? Food maybe the basic need for living but cooked food is of prime priority. Potatoes can’t be bitten into like strawberries, and Brinjal can never make it your salad plate. You may eat Fruits, Dry Fruits, Salads and for everything else there’s cooking. (Like a mastercard!)
I am not denying any arguments of somebody surviving on Fruits and Salads, but that way you may be challenging Kareena Kapoor for the title of zero figure and of course the lightest person of your age. Oh. Wait. If you are an Indian, yes, I am denying. We can’t live without spices and oil. If not quest for survival, the love of these two can make them a cook.

It is for you to judge that how good I cooked this blogpost up with all the spices and tadkas but before leaving just one tip – Quest for survival will no doubt make you a cook, may it mean a bad cook. 



Topic by history teacher at my school, Birla High School. This was a tough homework! 😀


About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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  1. Chandramita halder

    Awesome work ……loved the last part.


  2. the foodie talk was nicely framed and deviated the conventional blog posts…………..good wrk….keep it up….u will always have an audience…:P


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