Girls are…


Tried by all
but achieved by none
Nobody can have success with this
Nobody under the sun

Understanding girls is what I am talking about
the most difficult job men have been assigned with
whoever so has made an attempt
has fallen and tasted the regolith [Soil]

Here I make another attempt
Nothing to lose, for me.
For here’s no soil, only the bed aside
I would love to fall on it with glee! 🙂

I would like to present my case point by point.
1> Girls are sophisticated. Take the example of the barbie. She is non living. Yes. Grow up girls. She is non living. And even then her hair needs to be combed. Her dress needs to be changed. Her household needs to changed. I would like to appeal to all the parents not to buy their daughters a barbie because it is the root of all the sophistication that their daughter show when they grow up.

2> Girls are unpredictable. Suppose if we take an action as any equation. Say a + b. Then that particular action a + b can have 26 different reactions because the alphabet count has fallen short.  Actually I would not blame this on them. Rather we men and boys shall take a lesson not to predict or expect anything from girls. You will always end up in shock.

3> Girls are never content. I really like this extract from Kambakhth Ishq song –

Kehti hai sau taare dila do,
Maang mein phir unko saja do,
Antariksh ka thekha liya hai,
Bhaade pe kya rocket liya hai?

If the human race is called greedy, I owe 65% of it to girls. If malls exist today it is because of them. They move into every single store with almost no scope of getting satisfied. Durga Maa had eight hands. If all the girls supposed to be Durga Maa, the eight hands would only be having three shopping bags each and the credit card bearer, be it dad, boyfriend or anybody lying down in the position of Mahisasura with his wallet in the hand, empty. And of course this Durga Maa rides in her car bought in competition with her neighbor.

4> This brings me to my next point. Girls are envious. I believe I dont need to explain this point but I may never forget that face, those expression, those eyes which raged in envy of that aunt towards the other aunt beside her. Aah! Don’t blame me if am wrong. It may always be your way of adoring each other girls, no worries. 😀

5> Angry birds has been adapted from the life of these girls. Even when these birds kill the green pigs, they still are angry and with reference to the third point, they always want to kill the pigs in a better way so as to gain more praise. And actually, this anger of girls is directly proportional to their satisfaction. They are never satisfied, and so they never stop being angry.

6> Girls talk very much, very much. In a way I like barbies because they can’t talk. Otherwise, three fastest mean of communication are: Telephone, Television and Tell-a-woman! And of course, they are the biggest questionnaires this world has ever experienced. You need to attempt every question! 😀

7> Girls are a different specie altogether. I don’t have much theoretical proof but one –
Cats: Meow! Dogs: Bhow! Ducks: Quack! Lions: Roar! Cow: M0oo! Girls: Awwwww!   Kisi mahaan aadmi ne kaha hai, “Jo Aww naa kare, woh Aww-rat nai” And of course for every boy, the girls are from a different world, whatever be the reason! 🙂

But there is one thing. No matter how badly I have understood them above, they are the most beautiful gift this world can ever receive and the roles they play in our lives and the favors they do acting in those roles may never be returned.

That irritating your sisters
and watching them complain
That hangouts with your cousins
Memories of which will always remain
Girls who may never ever be your sisters
are your dear crushes and girl friends
What this life would have been without these girls
One cannot imagine the amends.

Topic by my cousin, Divya Agarwal. 🙂





A poem that was written on August 22, 2012.


Ladki hi harr problem ka square root hai.

ladki ke baatein jhooth hai.

Asal mein yeh zinda Bhoot hai.

Dikhte bade cute hai

Apne adaaon se hume loot hai!

Bahar se sweet as a fruit hai

Lekin andar se kitne rude hai

Brain inme bada minute hai

bhara bhayankar attitude hai

Hamare zindagi ko karte reboot hai.

Hamare voice ko karte mute hai.

Akhiyon ki goli se karte hume shoot hai.

Yehi Kaaran ki Heart hamara toot hai

Yaadein inki, kare mind ko pollute hai

Yeh poem, unke liye salute hai

Yeh kavita, unke liye tribute hai.


And this is what one of my Facebook friends commented on the poem:

Kya kavita likhi hai aapne
Ladkiyaan abi lagi hain kaapne
Is Tribute ko dekh ke
Maaregi Slippers fek ke
Lagegi jab zor se
Karengi woh shor yeh
We have got the looks re
Not even seen in books re
Jaoge ladki ke peeche hi
Aur karte reh jaaoge hey hi hey hi.

To conclude, “Koi bachaaye hume inn haseeno se, Parr kaun bachayega inn haseeno ko hum kameeno se?”
Thank you! 🙂

About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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  1. loved it it has sweet n sour taste of words …….


  2. gud !! 😀


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