Terrorism – The Barbarian Phenomenon

It is the law of the jungle to use muscle power and force to get things done. On the foundations of the very law, believe it or not, terrorism has risen to be the new constitution. Of late, terrorism has been the order of the day. The barbarian act is not only centred in America or India particularly, but it has become an international phenomenon. Terrorism never existed, it was never born but it was made in the name of religion, it was made in the name of nationalism, but in real sense what best describes terrorism is the world “hate”. None of the religion preaches terrorism; none of the government asks its pupils to take the lives of the people. They kill each other for the love of their country. I object. It is their viewpoints which they want to force because no country would like to demolish another. No mankind would want to perish another. It is just because of wrong leaders that the people take up arms against each other and the innocent people fall prey and lose their lives. This global issue is a common thing in the news but only at the time of its occurrence. The concerned authorities claim to have been working on the case, but apart from their fancy press talk and reports that don’t differ from the last one delivered, there is nothing much done to give justice to the innocent that play the scapegoat. We show condolence, do tend to fight but unfortunately it seems as if we like to struggle. Either we are muted or we are hypocrites or we are too lazy to get to streets and revolt. It irritates me because we are quite. Are we scared? A 7 billion strong race is scared of a few hundred parasites? No. we aren’t scared, neither we are applicable to any of the reasons above but the fact that we have grown to become self-centred. We do not feel for anyone. All we do is thank god that we were not one of them. If asked to something more, we may pray god to bless the souls of the ones who died in the incident? Yes, but only on Twitter or Facebook. The ship hijacked in Somalia, the brutal attacks on twin tower on September 11 in USA, the ruthless attacks in Mumbai on November 26, will there be an end to this? An attack by any terrorist group is always planned for a long period of time and the people in action undergo rigorous practice and training. Every detail is taken care of. I wonder sometimes, if all this clever planning and knowledge is put to constructive use, there would be great breakthroughs in fulfilling the needs of mankind. But unfortunately the truth is something else.

The truth is something else, indeed. Behind all these debates and discussions, the truth is that even we are terrorists. The only difference is we don’t bore the hate, we bore greed. Terrorism doesn’t only mean the policy of creating hardships for mankind. Our planet involves few little creatures also which we trample under our feet while making our way out. Animals and plants, too, face terrorism, when their habitat or territory is encroached upon by people and pollution pushing them to the endangered limit. We humans have the gift of speech and hence would at least get to cry out at the injustice done to us, unlike these creatures. This attribute handicaps them, thus resulting in their loss of life.


About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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