First Two Hundred from a “Human”

From EspnCricinfo

Russell to Sehwag, FOUR, 131.5 kph, There it is. Sehwag is the second man to reach a double-century in ODIs. He cuts this past point, to the right of third man. No chance for the diving man. He punches the air in delight. Pure delight. Hugs Rohit Sharma. Then takes his time to acknowledge all sections of the crowd. Removes the helmet. Casts a glance at the sky. Pure delight. Tendulkar is somewhere in a Singapore Airlines flight. Or he might have just reached Australia. His record is no more. Sehwag has scored an effortless double-century, and now holds the record for the highest individual score in ODIs. Sehwag looks cool, no sweat: “Never dreamt of it. I told Gauti if we showed a little patience we could a big one. But I was never expecting a double century. It’s a true time, you can play all your shots. When I decided I wanted to hit a six, I went and did it with a straight bat. I know people expected me to score a double-century, so thanks to them. And thanks to my family. I had said earlier that the top order was not contributing, and it was my job. Never changed my batting through this innings. I just told my self that I needed to bat through the Batting Powerplay, and I would get the double hundred. When Sammy dropped my chance, I knew God was with me. I am tired, yes, I am an old man now.” How people will want to age like him if he is old.

Sehwag does a Sachin Tendulkar and 19 runs more. 🙂

The respect for Virender Sehwag and his partner in the business Sachin Tendulkar is rising with every coming day and every coming record. Sky isn’t the limit. The respect is to rise above, hope we have provisions beyond the exosphere. For a moment, get back to the lower levels of the atmosphere because Virender Sehwag is on cloud 9.
Honestly admitting, I never expected it from Sehwag. But he, the devil is unpredictable. Take a bow.
As it is a great day for him, it is same for India. Not because she gets its highest ODI total but because it yet again proves that gems are found in our mines, solely.
A momentary pause. Special Thanks to Samundar Singh Chavan. Confused? He prepared the pitches on which the devil and the god stood and wrote history. A momentary pause. Special Thanks to Madhya Pradesh and its crowd who shouted their lungs out and backed the heros. Aah! You’ve got your return gifts, didnt you? *Paisa Vasool* Got to say there is something special in Madhya Pradesh other than Mayawati and the dalits. But indeed, MP Tourism shall now be having its caption as the “Land of TwoHundreds”
Ok so back to admiring the man (man = devil) , and the god. Firstly all those who made fun of Sehwag and auntyji following the maa-ka-phone ad campaign stand on one corner. Auntyji’s call finally did the trick. Nevertheless, the god pockets another record of the slowest double ton. Thats the thing I like about him. His on board on a flight to Australia and like making records from there itself. That justifies his name with which I am referring him again and again and of course boring you.
A last hailing sequel, promise! 😀
Last time to the man who whacked the west indies and also the ‘s’ from Batsman. Last time to the man, who saved #idiotKapilSibal on twitter. Last time to the man who celebrates so cheerfully, the getting out of Manchester United from champions league. No Kolaveri. Have a ‘Cola, Viru’. Keep Seh-whacking. 🙂

The god and the Devil : 

The Devil.


The God.


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