Lock and (Mon)key

From ibnlive.in.com

New Delhi: Pakistan arrested a monkey, for crossing the Indian border in Bahawalpur on Monday, according to reports. The monkey was later placed at the Bahawalpur Zoo and has been named Bobby.

Just a moment Pakistan, will come to you. Seriously asking Symonds, do you want to participate in Bigg Boss or not. This is not done. They’re blaming us now. You may jump into New Zealand  there but here you may not jump anywhere you want especially in Pakistan. Ok now, Salman Khan is soon coming to bail you.
“The ethnicity doesn’t look like of Andrew, maybe some other” says another report. Ok, I see. But in any case prepare for war, Pakistan. Soldiers step back. Animal Rights Activists, here is your VISA. Wish the Pakistani government a good night’s sleep. They irritate high time.
I just forgot that you’ll be what you are. You attack our innocent public, arrest our innocent animals, what else can you do. Maybe that innocent monkey lives near Sania Mirza’s house. He must have missed her so much to visit her. If thats the case then the monkey is truly innocent. He misses Sania Mirza, just imagine. I know now why Monkeys were left as mere Monkeys and could not go on to become Humans. Science was true. Humans have high thinking capability.
But you’re not at all innocent, un-dear Pakistan. I have a hint in the corner of my mind that you’re faking out. Our monkeys may lack sense to miss Sania but don’t lack sense so much that they’ll travel to your country. Our monkey only and solely “fly” to Lanka. No, not because they resemble Lasith Malinga in appearance. The relationship they share is beyond definition.
With due respect to your stick-to-the-wrong-word attitude, even if it’s an Indian monkey, you’ll arrest it? You’ve offended me. Your country needs a Kapil Sibal. So much of offence there. You’ve made me angry. Next time let Gilani come, we’ll arrest that ape and put him in the Alipur Zoo. A zoo better and the biggest in Asia. (Proud) 🙂
Ok now, thank you. Jaagte raho. Animal Rights Activists soon to reach there.

It is like all the decency and respect for human in this world stays with India. A monkey went there, they arrested it, locked him up in the zoo. A dog came here, barked and bit us, we arrested him, but lick him in turn. *Claps*

The case of the monkey


The case of the dog


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A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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