#IdiotKapilSibal (‘Offensive’ pictures attached)

I fear if Kapil Sibal comes and censors this. In that case, request to all readers, read it fast.

Dear God,
Your love for … films (Shammi Kapoor and Dev Anand) … music (Bhupen Hazarika, Jagjit Singh and Sultan Khan) … technology (Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie) … is now beyond all doubt.
May I please request that you start loving a few corrupt politicians as well?
I can assure you that you wouldn’t be short of choices.
I hope you would consider this plea of a billion people and take a speedy decision on this rather urgent matter.
Warm Regards,
Normal Earthlings

I believe the next season of Roadies will Kapil Sibal in charge of the beep sound. I mean, his recent idea is not only idiotic but weird too. Wait a moment, or is it the other way round – Not only weird but idiotic too. Whatever it is, both the adjectives just perfectly suit the man – Kapil Sibal.  This very idea of his has  for not letting offensive material go offline is offensive. Being a student, I am like in awe – how come Kapil ji forget our mutual relation. The mutual relation in which he used to make haywire rules for the CBSE board, and we used to criticize it on our chat and via status. And I tell you, we both were so co-operative. Its true aging can frustrate anyone. Shakespeare had rightly said in his poem seven ages that a man moves into his childhood again once he turns old. Kapil Sibal undergoes the exact procedure. Now, Kapil Sibal is that kid in school who goes and complains to teacher that you made fun of his ear hair. Just one thing Kapil ji, get well soon.

Offensive Kapil Sibal Pictures:


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A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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  1. Well, as long as one engages in any meaningful activity on these sites, Sibal or any power, won’t interfere. Don’t you think some interference is necessary when indulgence becomes criminal?


    • Kapil Sibal is the telecom minister. The whole of 26/11 attacks were planned via tele-communication. That was one situation when we needed him to act. Interference in necessary when indulgence becomes criminal – I do agree with that. But Kapil Sibal wants nobody to criticize “his” congress party. I have a hint the photo that he is talking about as offensive maybe that photoshoped image of Sonia Gandhi in the Munni apparel.


  2. raja was telecom minister during 26/11 attacks,and the whole of the 26/11 attacks was coordinated with sat phones and voip phones,kapil has asked to snoop into voip he was denied by google sat phones cannot be monitored if you use a sat of a differnet country.Do you know how many foreign sats are hovering over your head right this second.


    • I accept I said something without any information but I mean to say, if the action needs to be taken.. it can also be taken with a little pondering over the fact that how to improve security systems.
      And whatever stats you provide.. doesnt deny the phrase #idiotkapilsibal


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