Bigg Toon | Week #2

The wait is over. Bigg Toon week #2 is here. Well, I tell you the cartoons too were excited about this. They almost united as one, to fight against me to feature them early. But unity in Bigg toon, i-Chetan ji are you joking.

According to the viewer votes (as comments on Bigg Toon | Week #1 ) cartoons to make exit are:
Mojo Jojo and Spongebob. Bigg Toon will miss them! 🙂


I can’t see the Bigg toon house with two toons less. Open the gates, we have our new contestants! 🙂 

Seems like nobody is interested to win Bigg toon now. Winning Daphne Blake, yes the friend of Scooby Doo, winning her seems to be more important. Well, I wish I was in the competition too. 😛

So, Johnny has been struck yet again by the cupid’s arrow. These arrows don’t hurt when they strike, but they do hurt when taken out. 😀


And in the mean time, Bigg Toon says, Fred’s time period as a captain ends. The participants need to elect a new captain.


In the mean time, the viewer favourite – Pikachu comes to action.  Pika Pikaaa!  You understand yourself. I don’t know its translation. 

 Ohh! He speaks english too? Love is magic. Changes. Almost. Anything! 😀

Gossip Girls have a new companion:


A light moment in the bigg toon house. Rare moment rather – 
Dee Dee is the denner. 

Nomination Time –

 Captain’s Nomination – 


So the toons getting nominated this week are – 

Doraemon – Captain’s Nomination
Noddy – 5 votes.
Fred Flinstones – 4 votes
Buttercup – 7 votes 

To save your cartoon, just comment his name. This was all from this week’s Bigg-Toon. Catch the fun next Saturday/Friday. :) Keep reading.





About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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  1. doraemon


  2. doraemon 😛


  3. pyaara pyaara dost hamara “DORAEMON”


  4. harshvardhan modi

    fred and noddy




  6. Doraemon 😀 😀
    And Noddy…as it is he is lonely…and iff u tk him out of d house…he will be left heartbroken :/


  7. Fred N Doraemon Shud Stay… 🙂


  8. shubham ghuwalewala

    fred should stay


  9. mahima barasia..

    i want 2 save doremon….coz he is very helpful..:)


  10. harshvardhan modi



  11. Noddy!


  12. Vishwesh Kejriwal

    Noddy. coz i find him very cute………….


  13. Vishwesh Kejriwal

    Thx to d head boy who did atleast 1 good thing 4 me.
    Ur big toon reminded me of those childhood days wen i used to watch these cartoons with my elder bro…….
    thx buoy


  14. Doraemon 😉


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