The ‘unfamiliar’ Bane – Social Networking

Participated in the HP Lohia Memorial Debate at Abhinav Bharati High School. Was adjudged the best speaker there. The topic on fire was “Social Networking is a boon” Believe me or not, I was against the topic. When I was asked to take up the “against” side, for me it was very difficult to gulp down the fact that I’ll be debating against something which I love the most. But ultimately, Jo hota hain bhale ke liye hota hain. Here’s the speech.

Name – Chetan Kejriwal
DOB – 15th May 1996
Relationship Status – Its Complicated
Website –

You must be wondering what kind of start is this? Well this has been the very fashion in which people meet today. No. Mistake. The very fashion in which people virtually meet today.

Good morning respected Chairperson Sir, members of the jury, members of the audience and my worthy opponents. I stand here today opposing the motion which says “Social Networking is a boon”.

As you see here, the motion has been set such to get rebutted, so that we may say, “Social Networking is a bane” and not the Social Network itself. Of course Mark Zuckenberg did not create Facebook to make people waste their time. He created it for the ease of remembering telephone numbers and addresses of people you are acquainted to. Of course people join Facebook today so that they don’t have to call or visit them.
My worthy opponents, I use Facebook doesn’t mean it is a boon for me. Well,  I even munch on Junk foods a lot, please if you can convince my mom that it is too a boon. Just because the social networking is my entertainment from morning to night, it cannot be termed as a boon. It is not a boon, it is addiction rather. Addiction, which continuously keeps you glued to your computer. Social Networks have been made the biggest playground by us, defying the green grasses that are left to dry. In simple terms, we have grown to grow lazy. The extent of outdoor physical activity has declined among us, the school going children, the school going teenagers. You may say, it is not because of Social Networking, your teacher gives you half a mark, you say the there is no declination you get a negative marking buddy.
Social Networking is not only diverting us from being active, but also from our studies. There are no two ways about it. During exams, you pass on 4 updates. One about the exam, the next about the chapters being so lengthy and you even worry you’ve not completed your syllabus on the site. So my worthy opponents, you feel it isn’t the case then, two things
1) I am still a student.
2) I do play Hide and Seek.
Whats more surprising is the adults do social networking more than the children do. It surely helps them in marketing but from when did Self-Glamour come to be termed as Social Networking? Something similar is the case with teenagers. Being on any social networking site is cool, using it is cooler. If that isn’t the case, why did we envy the ones on Google Plus who joined it before we did it.
Social Networking is leaving negative impacts on the society. Social networking is slowly taking over face-to-face communication, as people prefer expressing themselves online. Communication has become rapid, but at the cost of personal interaction.
My worthy opponents, not only you should learn from your past mistakes you should also learn from others’ as well. As you are here saying Social Networking is a boon, Shashi Tharoor also used to say the same before the last IPL. Well, he got his blessings just perfectly.
We are destroying our social life with our own hands. Technology has mastered us. We have become the slaves of social networking. We are no longer independent in this dictatorship of social networking.
Ok, that was it from my side. Now my worthy opponents, you may happily tweet, “Trying to pick up the fallen motion at Abhinav Bharati” or ask your so called friends on Facebook on how to pick up this fallen motion.  The choice is yours. And the choice before the house is whether to continue as an addict or as a wise person.

So, that was my speech. But I would say, it was incomplete. Because debating is about instant reactions and the reactions from my side has just been heard, it is not on paper anywhere. The best debating experience ever. It was ultimate fun.
The icing on the cake was when everybody came to congratulate. Even at school, Principal Mam was very happy.
She then asked, “You know who HP Lohia was?” I said no. She said, “A student of Birla High School”
Pride had doubled up. A student of Birla High School in memorial of whom the debate was organised and that too in some other school altogether – Awesome.

A proud Birla High School student. Cheers! Go BHS!


About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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  1. Liked you taking up the topic….Found your debate fairly good, it was the last two lines that made it a winner for me.
    Great going.


  2. your command on the language and the subject knowledge is just impeccable…….


  3. I really loved ur speach and u r a fantastic oreator..!keep up the work.!:)


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