A maoist is slain.

24th of November, early morning the cock did not crow, the birds did not tweet, the alarm kept quite. India could hear only one sound, one voice that said “Why this Kolaveri Di”
But, now while India was about to shut its light then, it had changed. India had moved a step ahead. The action started when Rahul Dravid scored his Thirteen Thousandth Test Run, and the action has never stopped since. Sun was yellow, shining bright and Sharad Pawar’s face was red. A master stroke by Harvinder Singh to gift Pawar what he deserved. Anyway one cheek was half inside and hence symmetry achieved. India was lightened.
But the real joy was still to come. Coming from the Jungalmahals. Kishenji’s dead. A maoist is slain.

From Wikipedia


  • February 16: Silda camp attack
  • February 18: Twelve villagers are killed and nine injured in indiscriminate firing by Maoists in Jamui district of Bihar. The dead include three women and one child.Twenty five village houses are also burned down.
  • February 20: Maoists kill a village guard by slitting his throat.
  • April 6: At least 82 CRPF and district force personnel are killed when a large group of Naxals ambush them in the Mukrana forests of Chhattisgarh’s Dantewada district.
  • May 17: Maoist rebels blow up bus in the Dantewada district, killing 35.
  • May 27: At least 145 people are killed after a train derails in an apparent Maoist attack in West Bengal.
  • June 29: At least 26 CRPF personnel are killed when Maoists attack a road opening party in Narayanpur district.
  • December 25: Attack in eastern India, killing nine people.
He was a terrorist. Yes he was. Even Kasab did not kill so many as Kishenji. An AK-47 loaded over shoulder, and head wrapped in a red cloth – Terror spoke volumes. Oh! Sorry, the maoist party, we just muted your voice. Poor Kishenji though, died without seeing a maoist nation and ofcourse without seeing Sachin’s 100th Century.
His supporters and his family says – It was a deception from Mamata Banerjee who first said there were no Joint Forces in action and then just the day after the next day Kishenji was killed. They say, Kishen had been killed on Wednesday (23rd) itself, though the Joint Forces pulled out a fake encounter.
Dear Supporters and Family members,
What about the deception that he framed for us. They fought for a better country and in turn made it a bloody state. Is that not deception. And even if it was a fake encounter, so what? You claim as if Kishenji had had a bath in the milk and that too with Shahrukh Khan in that lux ad.
Human activists say, it is not fair to kill a man like this and his body shall be given to his nearest kin for the eventual rites.
Well, if I were the prime minister now, I would have executed you – Human Rights activists on charges of tyranny. A man whose kill count may outshine Goa’s or Sikkim’s population; for that man you say it was not fair to kill him.
And what about those people that he stabbed and did not think once before throwing them in the valley or just left it to float in the river or mercilessly burnt it down. I say, the only eventual rite that this Kishenji deserves is hang the dead body itself. Hang “it” atleast because you don’t have the courage to hang a living body. A living body of someone who sets in horror among we Indians, every year, on this very day. 26th November.
You got what you deserved Koteshwar Babu – Death. But yes, its not the end of terror and not the end of maoism. Only the head’s gone. Shakti Kapoor will now lead the Mao movement. Why? Because, with Kishenji dead as mentioned, it has lost its head, and become the Ao movement. If not Shakti Kapoor, somebody has to lead. The rays can just be seen from behind the mountain. Hope the sun gets pulled up. Hope maomata mamata helps us, to make see the sun, and the rays of happiness. Going to get rid of dark times, we’ll dominate terror.  

Topic by Chandramita Halder ma’am – My history teacher at school.

The wound’s sealed. The mark is still there. For they left a deep stain. Nevertheless, a maoist is slain. 

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A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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    Your best blog til date!!!!!
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