If I were a fish

Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die. Now here are we humans searching for heavens and there those fishes swimming in the heaven itself. In many of my previous blogs, I’ve written how greedy we humans are and so am I. I have been under the sea, for sea walking buyt I want to swim with those fishes now, that I saw down there… and swim to infinity, where they take me.

So my greed and my wish is fulfilled with a topic from Harsh Chopra, my classmate – “If I were a fish”

Seeing Colors so many in there,
May defy the rainbow’s seven
As I set to discover the blue
In turn I discover heaven.

Day 1: I was new to the sea. I needed companionship. Who could’ve filled this spot better than Spongebob.Β He is a nice little guy. We talked about my blog the whole day. Suddenly, when the sea was dark in the night and not a fish moved. Suddenly, he approached me and said, “You’re doing a great job. I’m really inspired. How about if I change this house from pineapple to strawberry?” I was moved. It was the first day, and spongebob had already made a mark. A thought came at that moment, that it is we humans only who hate each other. Other species are just perfect. πŸ™‚

Day 2: Wake up to find, the house had changed. Pineapple had been cut to be eaten for the breakfast. Strawberry bloomed among the blue. So, the journey starts today. Spongebob goes weird.

Spongebob: Aren’t I looking handsome?
Me: You’re looking weird. May I know why you’re wearing this?
Spongebob: We’re going for Sea – Horse riding. Yeah Baby.
I shout in confirmation, “Yeah Baby”

Sea Horse riding was super fun especially with the guarantee that even if something happens, you don’t fall; you only float. πŸ˜€

Later in the day, trust me, Spongebob even makes wonderful burgers. And as I was enjoying on it, he comes in the perfect cowboy style and declares, “Last month I rejected on McD’s offer”. πŸ˜€

Day 3: Seems like we just met, and are going away from each other. Being separated is always painful. Spongebob has other commitments. He needs to attend to the new-comers. So I continue on my journey. I’m a brave fish now. Today I’m meeting the sharks. It has been my curiosity from days immemorial; how do sharks keep their teeth so clean?Β 
On asking them, I came to know that since the water bodies contain salt, this helps them in keeping their teeth clean. They say, it is this technology which was the reason for the rise of active salt toothpastes. What a discovery! πŸ˜€

Day 4: As I was travelling on my fourth day of travel, I saw this queen swimming through. The male fishes nearby, all they were doing was staring at her in awe. I was too left in awe. I heard a fish saying, that this beauty is called a mermaid. I followed her. Followed her from the fishy tunnel till the Octopus’s abode to the Shark’s home once again till she noticed me. She says, “Hello”, I reply with a “Good Morning”.Β 
She: Never seen you before, new to this place?
Me: Yes. (Thinking why I was not here before this)
She: So, do you like this place?
Me: (Quite brisk in my actions) Don’t know about the place, but I like you.
She: Oho! Flirting kya?
Me: Just saying the truth. Really mermaid, i found the reason why this place a heaven.
She: Well nice meeting you! Bye.
Me: In a hurry? Why leaving so fast.
She: Actually I am on my way to the hospital. My friend received a shock yesterday from the electric eel.
Me: Aww! I wish she gets well soon.
She: Who told that the person’s a she?
And then laughing loudly she makes exit, but not from this fish’s heart.





Day 5: Β Woke up early to set out to find the mermaid again. Suddenly a fish comes swimming, “Are you finding what I am also trying to find?”
Me: “what are you finding that I should find?”
Fish2: “I am finding Nemo”
Me: I saw him today, in the whale’s home.
Fish2: Duh! You spoiled the fun. He’s not lost this time. We’re playing Hide and Seek silly.
Me: Oops!
Fish2: Nevermind. Would you like to join us?
Me: Sure.
Fish2: By the Way, what were you finding?
Me: The mermaid.
Fish2: Welcome to the party, Bwoy.

And the so the day passed.











Day 6 never came. The bubble had burst, and I had intentionally burst it. Every next day is an exam. I am a student who needs to do homeworks, I am not a fish.
Next moment my mother asks me to do something, my father asks me to something. Arghh! I also need to do my homework. Not a fish, better I was an Octopus! Multitasking with eight hands. πŸ™‚



About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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  1. What a nice story you have built up. Loved the end the most, though.


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