Nested Dreams

Everybody thinks big or should I say, Everybody dreams big. It is this dream which Sachin Tendulkar must have seen, and aspired to achieve. It is this dream which he saw, and 14 others which did not let them sleep until April 2. And thus, one more sleepless night was then, the feeling was yet to be gulped in. We are the world champions.

Talking about Sachin Tendulkar, I get this inspiration from him, to keep seeing dreams. There is no end to it.  Every now and then, he completes a milestone. And it’s my instinct and my belief, and his dream ofcourse; he’ll score a hundred starting tomorrow in the test match vs West Indies.

Many people dream of meeting Sachin Tendulkar, an autograph from him or to pose a photo. I too dream big. I want to have him in my family. Yes, this may sound weird but yesterday was the day when I fell in love with his daughter Sara Tendulkar. Just a crush, but still. So I dream, for an outing with her. I wish actually before going to sleep.

God’s grace – I am going to Mumbai. A Mercedes from the airport to Narang House, 34 Chhatrapti Shivaji Marg. (This is from where I pick up Sara Tendulkar) So she is late to come down, of course, she is a celebrity. But when she comes, I thank god that I don’t need to drive, otherwise there would have been an accident. Clad in blue, quite perfect for an outing under the lights. Her face showing the lighting the night. Quite a formal meeting was it, since meeting for the first time. “Driver, to the Marine Drive” and so it starts. 🙂
Taj was nearing and I feared if it had to go like this for the rest of the meet. All we were doing is blushing away from each other. Then eventually I broke out with a topic.
Me: “What is your favourite Pass-time? I write blogs.
She: Well, I read books. But I guess I would leave them now and read your blogs.
Me: That’s cute. So how does it feel to be the daughter of the great man.
She: It feels like lonely. Everybody is a friend, but they pretend.
Me: No fear, Chetan here… at your service Madame.
A cute reply followed in form of a smile.
A monotonous voice followed. It was the driver. “Sir, Marine Drive”

The something Sarcastic-The something Romantic Sequel.

In that always-epic lightning, a thought suddenly struck.

I say to Sara, “I so, so wish I could gift this necklace that you see, coz’ you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met, I love you, what do you have for me”

Sara: Bade Romantic ho aap toh, Bollywood style kya aazmaaya hain. Kuch aur pesh kariye, agar hume manana hain!

Me: Koi ladki hume thukra de to gum nai…
Koi ladki humethukra de to gum nai…
kyun ki wo ladki hi badnasib hai..
jiski kismat mein hum nai!

Sara: Chhod chale jaayenge hum
Toh rote reh jaaoge
Jab Mercedes ke paise dene honge
Tab aur jyada pachtaoge.

And similarly and sarcastically, an hour past after which we went to Bachelors, a nearby shop which sells all the deserts you wish for. Strawberry Crush was thought apt for the situation and for the taste. This time I was not talking. I was dreaming again. Sachin Tendulkar as my father in law, I was thinking of the marriage day.

After the dream came in front the moonlit face of Sara. I pinched myself to see whether it was a dream.
Indeed it was. The digital clock on my hand showed 6:08 am. Time for school.

About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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  1. really cute…. 🙂


  2. mast hai chetan.very nice.:)


  3. Chi…kya bekar choice hai…
    but still, the two stanzas of poem were just brilliant!


  4. such a cutee love story………..heart work


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